The Problem with Jenny Johnson

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If you have a weird, obscure name, don't arrogantly correct people when they pronounce it wrong. It's not new or different, especially on Twitter. She emcees and hosts many events throughout the year.

Now she's real-life famous because, over the weekend, she picked a fight with Man-of-the-Year, Chris Brown. During her limited spare time, Johnson enjoys traveling, practicing Yoga, Pilates classes, rock climbing and spending time with her family and friends.

It all made for good Twitter theater but the net result was a loss. They're passive barks to a waiting audience, some fire-and-brimstone for the nodding choir. After receiving her degree Johnson spent a summer volunteering at an orphanage in Capetown, South Africa.

As an event facilitator, member of various local and regional boards, event emcee and auctioneer, Jenny has raised thousands of dollars for local and regional non-profit organizations. Jenny Johnson got Twitter-famous because she is very funny. And nothing epitomizes that more than Twitter.

The Problem with Jenny Johnson

She has an anarchic rebellious kindJohnson has become the go

Johnson is involved with numerous charitable organizations. But I'll come back to that. She is an advocate for the Pan Mass Challenge as a three time rider in the mile bike ride to raise money for cancer research through the Jimmy Fund.

It's natural for us to snicker

She has an anarchic, rebellious kind of humor. Johnson has become the go to reporter for local films. It's natural for us to snicker at a middle aged man in a fedora, perhaps as an extension of our own fears of growing irrelevant.

Jared Freid is a New York City-based comedian. Our blessed generation can publish or read something in an instant, and so our need has grown with that.