How to Handle Your Boyfriend Moving Away for a New Job

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This is true whether you're meeting for the first time, or getting together again for a second, third, or even fifth meeting. So let's say those two issues are clarified. Creating a schedule where you can see each other regularly is key to keeping your relationship strong. We also suggest that the couple follow the three-to-five-hour time-frame for most of their dates, and have no more than one very long date during each visit. The best way to look at a date is a chance to have fun.

It's bad enough if the man and woman already know each other, but it is even worse when two people are meeting for the first time. Often the other person may be an entirely appropriate match, but what has happened is that the person hasn't had enough time to process what has been going on and feels overwhelmed. We suggest that he try a change of venue for each date, including a few spots that generally appeal to tourists. While e-mails and phone calls are not a substitute for actual dates, they are a good way to enhance what has been started in person. There isn't enough of a foundation between new dating partners for them to be comfortable with each other for longer periods of time.

You should not expect your boyfriend to ask you to move with him, although he might hint at it. People like being around fun, low-pressure people with no expectations. They will need the breathing room. Being able to see each other every day will keep you connected, even if you are physically apart.

They may not see each other as often as conventional daters, but nevertheless the feelings between them can become very intense. There are two explanations for this. Our advice isn't much different for couples that have already begun a long-distance courtship and are seeing each other for the second, third, or fourth long weekend.

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Your new focus will help you forget the sadness of your boyfriend moving out of town. To make yourself a better partner, think about your past relationships.

We also recommend that long distance couples vary what they do when they are out together. When both you and your boyfriend are invested in the relationship, you can keep your love strong despite the distance. However, you must both possess the attitude and determination to make it work. Meet up with girlfriends whom you haven't seen in a while.

Now I am about to date someone from another city. We've seen enough successful long-distance courtships to know that they can succeed.

His answers to these questions will

How to Handle Your Boyfriend Moving Away for a New Job

Since many people tend to take the historical and touristy places in their hometowns for granted, a tourist spot might be a novelty for both people and might be conducive to some good conversation. Instead of acting unavailable, be independent. If he's moving to a town an hour north, talk about spending your weekends together.

Fortunately, your fears might be exaggerated. His answers to these questions will reveal a lot about the future of your relationship. Plus people absolutely must have some personal space and personal time.