Every Professional Athlete the Kardashian and Jenner Sisters Have Dated

Kendall kardashian who is she dating

The pair lasted for severalAccording to a report

The photographer whose portrait of Tupac Shakur was used has since sued the Jenner sisters for copyright infringement. Sadly, just when we were starting to ship this pairing, the couple called it quits last fall.

According to a report from Us Weekly, Kendall Jenner has a new boyfriend. The pair lasted for several months but broke up after Khloe claimed he cheated on her.

Every Professional Athlete the Kardashian and Jenner Sisters Have Dated

Makes sense considering he was also rumored to be hooking up with older sister Kourtney Kardashian. However, it was later reported that they were just friends and she never anything romantic going on with either of them.

It's very hard to keep up with the Kardashians. Jenner is a busy woman and her man needs to be able to deal with that. Jenner's legal team objected to the company using her brand without authorization. While we're still not totally convinced, even we have to admit that the two seemed a closer than your average besties.

It's very hard to keep

Vincent and Paris Jackson, so if anything was going on, it's clear they're both over it. Onto the next, we suppose. That's our only response to Kendall's alleged fling with rapper Chris Brown. The relationship with Blake Griffin had some people concerned, especially after the palimony suit. She is clearly dating this guy, but mum is the work when it comes to talking relationships with the model.