Kevin costner the guardian online dating

Kevin costner the guardian online dating

The snotty privileged fratboy maverick

The Guardian is a tribute to the men and women of the U. You know, the kind of jerk you hated in college. Yet the humbling experience did not deter Kevin for a moment.

Now, he also set out to display his versatility as an actor. Surprisingly, this film represents a high-water mark for both actors.

At this point, no other director needs Kevin Costner more than Oliver Stone.

The Guardian is

Every year or so, America needs a movie that reminds us about the good things our men and women in uniform bring to our patriotic spirit. Director Lawrence Kasdan promised Kevin he would pay him back on a future project.

In fact, Kevin did not appear in the final version at all but rather on the cutting room floor. The snotty, privileged frat-boy maverick with a wink in his eye who always gets the girl or beautiful older actress in the end.

In fact Kevin