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Kingdom hearts dating sims

Main events are scripted on

You would need a certain amount of points of intelligence to get good grades. The stats points would then trigger bonuses on your actual fighting stats as they increase. Some hangout events require other routes to be at a certain point. The game does go by seasons, I call it stages. You can choose sword shield magic in the dream which changes your stat growth.

How well you do in these events will then increase relationship points with multiple characters ala Harvest Moon style. The problem here is pacing. Athletic is needed for sports events. Finally charm will give you extra relationship points. Stages are separated based on plot events, hence its less predictable.

And I'm gonna really get this system if its persona inspired. There is a quiz in the beginning that not only picks out the guy you meet on the beach but also your charm int atheltic lvs. Like you may need to hang with Riku and Sora to get a joint hangout event. Best endings are triggered by completing all route events of the character, its okay to miss hangout events.

So if you ignore Roxas for example til the last month, don't expect to get as many events. Once the stage pass and you missed the route event its not possible to get the best ending.

Do you think
Visually Destiny Island

Main events are scripted on certain days, the Garden Festival in January for example would trigger the event in the demo. Visually Destiny Island is quite tropical and tends not to change with the season. Do you think it takes the fun out of the game. The point values for each of these parameters aren't set in stone yet. The plan was every quarter there are exams for an entire week.