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Kumalae ukulele dating websites, the Ukulele Hall of Fame Museum - Jonah Kumalae

An assortment of Kumalae ukuleles, including a mini center. Between his own role in the history of the islands and the importance of his instruments to Hawaiian music history, this makes his ukuleles very prized possessions. On the mainland, however, the ukulele was only just starting to catch the interest of people, as the popularity of Hawaiian music on the mainland started to grow. His Ukes are well built and he used very good wood.

The house was purchased from the founder of one of the sugar companies, and at the time Kumalae had four employees making ukuleles in a small factory in back of the house. In the years after receiving the Gold Award at the Exhibition, Kumalae dramatically increased his ukulele production. Jonah Kumalae Kumalae was born in in Honolulu. By presenting his ukuleles at the Panama Pacific International Exhibition in San Francisco, peliculas chinas artes marciales online dating Jonah Kumalae helped to usher in the first and greatest wave of ukulele popularity.

Manuia was the son of Paki and his first wife, Kaiwi. The award was given in San Francisco.

What makes these ukuleles interesting is that they were manufactured by a small business, consisting of members of the Kumalae family working at their home. If you have a Kumalae uke, you have something special. They carry the name of their maker, Jonah Kumalae, who was a politician and entrepreneur on the islands. If you happen to have one of these instruments and don't know the history of it, it's worth it to get it authenticated buy an expert and to see where it may have come from.

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He was most famous for making Ukes for other manufacturers and dealers.

Noted ukulele historian and enthusiast Ron Cook documented his work on Kumalae ukuleles that were labeled and sold to guests at the Royal Hawaiian. After Kumalae won the award, his business shifted into high gear and his brand became one of the most commonly seen on the island and off. During the s, the Hawaiian Islands were trying to attract tourists.

He claimed to have done so to prove the point that county vehicles were being taken home and used by county employees for things other than county business. The Kumalae company went out of business around when Johna Kumalae died. Kumalae Jonah Kumalae was an ivory carver turned Ukulele Maker.

This was also done at the hotels in Hawaii. These new Kumalae Ukuleles have no relationship to the original Kumalae Co. It is said that at the height of his business, he was making Ukuleles a month. He went on to become the most prolific builders of Ukuleles in the Islands. The ships that brought those tourists out to the islands oftentimes gave away items, including ukuleles, and some sources believe that it was Kumalae ukuleles that were handed out.

Kumalae Ukuleles

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Tiki Kings Ukulele Database, Kumalae Brand Ukuleles

If you know your ukulele history, you'll also know that this is the era when the ukulele started to enjoy a great deal of popularity among performers on the Mainland. These ukuleles ended up in the hands of very well-known performers, including Tiny Tim, and they are considered and important part of the history of the instrument by those who play it seriously. What makes them important is that they are considered to be one of the most influential brands in the first wave of ukulele popularity and that, of course, traces back to their maker and his family. Aside from ukuleles, Kumalae had a long and colorful political career.

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