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What does winning this competition mean for the deaf community? Without being able to engage in a conversation with someone, you go nuts. After the show, people have been telling me that I could pass as David Gandy! The scores were shown in reverse order, from lowest to highest, until Devin was revealed to be safe. And he kept asking for shoots with me and kept encouraging me to get into modeling.

Do you plan to get back into acting? We are achieving so much and society keeps missing these achievements and keeps thinking we still need to be fixed. He becomes the second male model to ever win the competition and the only deaf contestant to vie for the title. It also gave me a voice on social media, which is a huge part of my life right now. The most important thing Tyra taught me was to stand your ground if you believe in something.

To live is to be able to communicate. We have a beautiful language.

How did being on the show change your life? Nyle was chosen as the last remaining male, eliminating Mikey.

Was there anyone you were attracted to on the show? Being deaf is not a disability, but a culture. They have been so supportive.

What is your nutrition like? How have your friends and family reacted to you being on the show? People think we are disabled and that we need help and need to be fixed.

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Sitting back and waiting for success to happen will never work. You need to take advantage of the platform and use it to turn your career into something amazing. It means that the world is making one step further into realizing that deaf people are talented and capable of anything. Communication is the dignity to live. Her work is also fascinating.

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Get the scoop on my interview with Lacey! Lacey attributes her confidence to her training in acting and modeling, loves coaching, and is grateful to her parents for supporting her dreams. What advice would you give to an aspiring model? When it comes to modeling, marriage not dating cut scene clapper what do you still want to do?