Liona boyd relationships dating

Liona boyd relationships dating

She is somewhat emotionally fanatic about things she cares about. Liona Boyd is always profoundly changed by her love experiences, though this change may stem from painful and difficult confrontations or separations. Others are drawn to Boyd because of her affable, social and appealing disposition, and she is likely to have many pleasant and friendly relationships. Her thinking is dictated by her feelings and Boyd may rely on her intuitions and impressions rather than practical means. Because of her emotional generosity, her life is rich with friends, and often financial blessings as well.

Liona Boyd is tremendously loyal and

Boyd enjoys a touch of drama and color in her love relationships and she is impressed by grand romantic gestures or extravagant expressions of generosity. Liona wants a hero to idolize and adore, someone to wholeheartedly admire and be proud of. Liona Boyd has a rich, colorful, dreamy imagination and a refined sense of beauty.

She is tolerant and forgiving and always ready to overlook mistakes and give others a second chance. Sharing a philosophy or ideal with her love partner is important to her. In her personal relationships, Liona Boyd insists upon a certain amount of independence and the freedom to pursue friendships with as many people, of both sexes, as she chooses. Liona has deep, compelling love feelings that seem irresistible and often irrational.

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Her advice may often be sought and heeded, because Liona Boyd seems to know and understand what motivates others. Liona Boyd in Relationships She is not easily moved by emotional displays and can be curiously detached from her own emotions and those of others.

Liona Boyd expects, and draws out, the best from people and she enjoys making others comfortable and happy. Liona Boyd might even develop digestive problems. She also tends to act without sufficient deliberation. Even when Boyd thinks she is being rational, her prejudices, intuitions and feelings influence her thoughts a great deal.

Liona does not appreciate a jealous, possessive partner. There is another side to Liona Boyd as well, a rather introverted, self-contained, even pessimistic side which tempers her good cheer and generosity, as discussed below. But once Liona Boyd enters a relationship, she will be faithful and steady in her feelings for her partner. Liona Boyd craves love, appreciation and attention from others and hates to be ignored.

Finding similarities and making links between people from differing backgrounds or with different perspectives is a gift of hers. Liona has an instinctive understanding of other people and is very sympathetic toward them. Liona is attracted to foreigners, exotic places, traveling and people who can expand her horizons, teach her something, or show her places and worlds she has never experienced before.

Involvement in the arts, or with artistic, sensitive, or spiritually inclined people is very satisfying to her. In her friendships and romantic relationships, Boyd tends to be unselfish, giving, and forgiving. Liona Boyd tends to suppress her feelings and she approaches other people with great reserve. Moreover, Liona Boyd feels love and kinship for people everywhere, not only for her own family, nationality, or group.

Liona is comfortable talking about feelings and personal subjects, and sharing confidences, which enables others to express their own inner feelings with her as well. Liona Boyd also has strong artistic inclinations and may consider a creative field as a profession or hobby. Her love relationships are very passionate and intense, and Boyd experiences both agony and ecstasy in love. However, Boyd may cut off sources of emotional nourishment and support that way, and end up feeling alone and lonely.

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She may feel lonesome, but unable to bridge the gap between her and others. Relationships are very important to Liona Boyd, and she is likely to feel a strong inner bond with many of her friends. Liona Boyd seems to have a quick temper, is somewhat irritable and tends to get upset easily. She is rather susceptible to flattery and loves to feel special.

Certainly, Boyd's sympathy and concern extends much beyond her immediate family. Liona Boyd is tremendously loyal and devoted once she gives her heart to someone. Boyd can be hard to get close to. Overcoming her fear of intimacy, while at the same time affirming and acting on her autonomous needs, is the challenge she faces.