Losing My Virginity With Tinder Hookup

Losing virginity hookup

The casual sex project is a great way of sharing stories anonymously. We fucked in almost every position. She was super happy and proud of me. We both got undressed, I kept my bra and panties on and got back onto his lap. And of course, the sex was fantastic.

Before having sex for the first time I came to the Casual Sex Project and read some stories about tinder hookups and first time sex. He put it on and told me to turn around. He grabbed onto my ass and started going faster and faster, and damn it felt amazing. He instigated it, though I was okay with that.

We were both virgins before, and since she still is a virgin she asked me a lot of questions. He asked me if I was ready, which was nice of him, and I said yes. Mostly seeing and hearing how turned on he was.

But anyway I

He helped me find my underwear and drove me back to my place. He asked me if I wanted to give him a blowjob and I agreed, I wanted to be good even though it was my first time doing so. We were both panting and we laughed as we collapsed on the seat.

His dick felt really stiff after a while of giving head and he asked me if I could grab a condom from his wallet in the front. He was an Arabian guy, tall, dark brown hair. What sexual behaviors took place e.

He put both myBefore having sex for the first

But soon after he asked if I wanted to hop into the backseat so we both went to the back and went back to kissing. Anyway, I slid his dick in slowly and started fucking him, he began to thrust while I was on top and it was so good.

But anyway I was too shy to ask him though. He put both my legs on his shoulder and went really deep, I got on to my side with one leg up also.

Losing My Virginity With Tinder Hookup - The Casual Sex Project