Man of steel 2 brainiac dating

Man of steel 2 brainiac dating

He tries to arrest Batman at first, but when he is unable, they team up despite their differences to end a trail of murders committed by Magpie. Superman is uneasy around him, however, having met an alternate version of him back during Zero Hour.

Lois and Jimmy come

Enraged, Metallo blasts Lois with a Kryptonite laser beam, but Superman protects her. Lois and Jimmy come up with a plan to help Superman. Clark suddenly hears an emergency and leaves, much to Lois's dismay, since he was the one who invited her.

He meets the Cleric and encounters the Eradicator. Lois was initially only interested in Jeb for any Intergang connections he might have.

Clark suddenly hears

Almost a fire in those big, dark eyes. The article saves the Daily Planet from bankruptcy.

Enraged Metallo blasts Lois with

Suddenly, Clark appears and fights Jones. Lois went home to her parents, her mother almost completely recovered, where her father was attacked by Angstrom. The interview begins and Luthor reveals that he brought Lois and Clark to Lexcorp so that they can tell him about the flying man and he can press charges against him.

Lois is very shaken by this, however, unsure of how she feels that Superman would not kill even to save her life. Still confused, the Matrix actually attacks Superman in Smallville before realizing what she has done.

Jon survived, and when he awoke he announced that he had seen Clark and brought him back with him. Arclight would turn up in Metropolis a few weeks later, however, and working with Jimmy, Superman was able to apprehend him. White reluctantly follows orders, which in this instance is one of the hardest things he's ever done. Eventually, the two came together, discussing their mutual attraction. As a matter of fact, she was among the first to recognize the Cyborg Superman for the villain that he really was.

Shortly after returning to Metropolis, the Alpha Centurion arrives in the city for the first time. Changing the subject, Lois tells Clark to go to the front door while she slips in the back. Superman flies Metallo to the atmosphere, where the lack of air knocks him out. At the age of fifteen, while her family was living near Metropolis, she approached Perry White at the Daily Planet and asked him for a job. Lois and the public are amazed by the mysterious hero, but as the public surrounds Clark, he flies away.

The flying man leaves, and Lois feels bad for him. When John begins to behave aggressively towards Lois, Clark appears and manages to intimidate John with a strong handshake. The fights gets to the streets and Clark defeats Jones.

Superman then puts the Daily Planet globe to spin once again, and Lois asks him if he is a man or an alien. Suddenly, Metallo re-appears and prepares to fight Superman. Having made peace with executing the three criminals in the Pocket Universe, Superman returns to Earth.

Fortunately, Keith Robert White alerts Superman to the plot and the Man of Steel foils the Underworlders and rescues Lois who was going to be set free by Charlie anyway. Going with Commissioner Henderson to the tomb, they found that it was empty. Superman learns the whole history of Kem-L. Lois decided to do some digging, talking with another of Luthor's trainers as well as one of the cleaning women for LexCorp Tower. Lois finds her own way back home.

Lois talked to him again in the hospital where Beasley told her that Luthor had fired him. Lois tries to escape, but she trips over one of the exoskeleton's cables and falls off the rooftop. Draaga becomes the leader of Warworld, but is humiliated by his defeat at Superman's hands of steel. As a gesture of goodwill, Wonder Woman invited twelve hand picked delegates, each representing different perspectives a Rabbi, an architect, etc. Superman considers his dual heritage, and decides that no matter where he's from, his life on Earth has made him a human and an American.