Nelson Mandela's legacy includes a lifetime of musical salutes

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Whites and blacks were prohibited from living in the same parts of town. Nelson Mandela was tried for treason and at one stage was acquitted.

Only free men can negotiate. Apartheid was officially ended though there is no doubt that much of the racism is still deeply rooted in the country. Botha offered Mandela his freedom on condition that he unconditionally reject violence as a political weapon, but Mandela rejected the proposal.

Mandela was an optimist, and his optimism changed music and changed the world. Those who admitted to crimes were pardoned in the name of reconciliation. He made his sentiment known through a letter he released via his daughter.

It was also those events which convinced Mandela that his non-violent resistance, against Apartheid, was no longer the right approach to end separation of the races. In Blacks were deprived of their citizenship.

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This image depicts letters, written by Mandela, which are included in his prison correspondence journal. Mandela was the first President of post-apartheid South Africa. As a leader and a peacemaker Nelson Mandela was the leading force in the battle against apartheid. From until early Apartheid was made law in South Africa, even though it is considered to have been a violation of international law.

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Nelson Mandela and people such as Ahmed Kathrada fought long and hard against this discrimination. There was much unrest among the black community when the government tried to force the carrying of passes to include women. It is an ideal which I hope to live for and to achieve. But if needs be, it is an ideal for which I am prepared to die. On the island, he and other prisoners were subjected to hard labor in a lime quarry.