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Be careful what you wish for. It ticks me off how good-looking he is because I have to wake up to that. It seems that many fans knew already anyway. In the first season he's definitely got the bad hand in a couple fistfights, which I'm not a big fighter but I found that very unrealistic. Meanwhile, I was already engaged to him at that point.

The South of Nowhere finale airs Friday, Dec. All of the South of Nowhere stars tend to appear in each others work.

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Now it can be your trademark.

She performed roles in Anything Goes and the Miracle Worker. So I think dates are just weird in general. Loves to race dirt bikes and motorcycles. You want to take them somewhere you think they're going to like but you don't want to ask that question because you want to look like you're in control of the situation. He tends to be a bit more relaxed in certain situations.

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See, I don't do a lot of dating. They wished that I had said something mean about him. Says he is an adrenaline junkie. People get the wrong impression from him.

Later that year, she debuted on South of Nowhere as Ashley Davies. Everything about a date is weird, especially if it's a new person you don't really know. It was such a bizarre situation.