Move the iTunes Library to a Different Location

Manually updating itunes library

Here are the tenants of this strategy. From your Apple Watch to the new HomePod. Its inability to automatically upload new music to your library has been at the top of my personal list. So, from now on, you could directly add your music to this folder. The Apple iTunes software handles everything from purchasing of songs, videos, backing up your data to even activating your iPhone.

Try turning it off and on

If your music collection is mostly made up of mainstream, commercially available albums, consider a new Apple Music First strategy where you start over with Apple Music. And Now for Something Completely Different Getting your personal music collection to work with Apple Music is not going to be a seamless experience. Try doing this on a sleepy Saturday afternoon.

Move the iTunes Library to a Different Location

The iTunes music directory stores all of your iPhone, iPod, and iPad ownership data as well, thus, moving this directory also moves ownership in that sense. In the following lines, I shall explain the proper procedure for manual syncing of the iPhone to iTunes. Back up your collection, then go into Apple Music, search for the music you keep listening to over and over again. Yes, it will take some time searching for albums, adding them and restoring your playlists.

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Manually Sync of iPhone to iTunes When you have more music and videos on your computer, than there is space to accommodate them on your iPhone, the automatic syncing feature is best turned off. Well, there is actually a folder located inside your iTunes Media folder labeled Automatically Add to iTunes. The processes will be familiar, but there are a few extra critical steps to insure everything works as expected in both of those unique cases. You can even organize them by folder, however you see fit. If the sync is stuck, try doing the following.

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Relax, this benefits us all. Now go to your Music app and wait for it to refresh with new data. Try turning it off and on again. How to Manually Sync iPhone to iTunes If you are clueless about manually syncing iPhone to iTunes, this article will definitely be a helpful read.

It's also better than iTunes for media on the go. First, try searching for a song on Apple Music.