Mercedes morr dating history

Mercedes morr dating history

However, she feels that she is being untrue to herself, so she quits the squad and breaks up with Puck. Though she is hurt when he rejects her, Mercedes is supportive when he confides his sexuality, and they become close friends. He begins to neglect Mercedes, and offends her by trying to set her up with another student.

However she feels

Kurt suggests that she is substituting food for love and their friendship for a romantic relationship, and Mercedes agrees to talk to the student Kurt attempted to set her up with. She attends the McKinley auditorium rededication to Finn Hudson, sings one last song with every former members of New Directions, and take a final bow with the rest of the Glee cast. Mercedes is angry about what she perceives as continued favoritism shown to Rachel, especially in the awarding of solos, and quits glee club.

He begins to neglect Mercedes

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Though she is hurt

Schuester's ultimately failed wedding. She comes back to McKinley with all of the McKinley graduates to try to help Rachel recruit new members for the glee club in the episode Homecoming. She later try to convince Rachel to chase her dreams to be on broadway and give her blessings for Sam and Rachel to pursue a relationship. She usually returns when there is an event in the lives of one of her friends back home in Ohio.