Mrityunjay Novel

Mrityunjay novel

Karna always felt a closeness to the Sun-god and considered him his Guru. However close he gets to them, how much ever he feels respected by them, at some point his origins are used by the same people to taunt him. As Vasu grew up he gets to know that he is not like the other people. Each character is portrayed with much charisma.

Mrityunjaya only deepens it. In fact, google chrome for android mobile phone Mrityunjaya only deepens it. Mrityunjay the death conqureror. Mrityunjay is a novel very famous in the Marathi compositions.

Words aren't enough to describe this book. Karna does not even try to be self-righteous. This work reputed to be among the best of contemporary Marathi literature, has an interesting narrative technique. This book paints neither as saints. Another feeling that he tries to reconcile with vainly till the very end is his origin.

The monologues of Karna are the best of the lot. But beyond that Karna is no social reformer challenging the caste system. But sadly he was never given the oppurtunity of a level playing field to prove it.

Written originally in Marathi, the English translation of the novel is from the Hindi version of the original. At the end of the novel, I found myself thinking about another character in parallel to Karna. In fact after the relationship is discovered, Karna does not spend too much time brooding over his brothers at all. Interestingly Aswaththama seems to have a more deeper friendship with Karna than Duryodhana.

This is a well written book. If at all, there is a negative character in this book, it is Drona.

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We therefore do not really have a clue as to whether he has any brotherly feelings when he is fighting them. He spares their lives, as per his promise, but with no tenderness. He suffers humiliation at every point from people for this. The language is mesmerizing and even that is an understatement. To vote on existing books from the list, beside each book there is a link vote for this book clicking it will add that book to your votes.

This book is about Karna life and death. This relationship with the flesh armour and earrings is explored well in this book. This book takes you through the tumultuous journey of Karna and you'll ride it with him. The only outpouring of affection is for Draupadi and that has nothing to do with the newly discovered relationship.

Shivaji Sawant has written about Karna and re-imagined the Mahabharata around him. If he was denied by Drona during the archery competition at the beginning, then the curses that are heaped on him at the later stage also play a part in ensuring that he remains a tragic hero. This book focus on Karna and his role in Mahabharata.

Women are considered to be sacred and are told to be given utmost respect for a nation to prosper. The Mahabharat is my favorite epic. Maybe he craved that he were born elsewhere, or to put it clearly he may have desired that his parents had been the same but of a higher standing in society. Although it has been translated in many languages, something is always lost in translation so I would recommend people to read it in the original Marathi language.

After the deed is done, Karna practically mourns for himself as though he is dead. Is there any contemporary work that shows Eklavya in a different light than the obedient, almost naive character that he is portrayed as generally. If you are good with Marathi, read the original Marathi edition of this book. Please I must start off by admitting that this review may be extremely biased.

All the energy he is building up to save her is instead turned against her as he insults her and incites the disrobing. At one point he says his whole being recoiled at the thought that he was a charioteers son. And if that shame, and the resultant blind loyalty to his lone supporter, Duryodhana was the result of his downfall. This is a masterpiece of the Mahabharata. And there are moving descriptions on how Karna learnt to live without them, without the armour which had made him invincible in war.

The part where Karna cuts off his armor to give to Indra and the subsequent description of his skinless body which is translucent is bound to shock you. The Mahabharata is an epic more complex than anyone can ever imagine. Some will startle hearing my words. We take abuse seriously in our book lists. And still I would say if you can lay your hands on this one, please do.

Karna may not be for the dice game, but he does encourage Duryodhana in the final battle. It is a matter of conjecture as to what would have happened, if Drona had allowed Karna to compete with Arjuna. As Draupathi asks everyone in the royal assembly for help, she sees Karna, meets his eye and then moves away without asking him anything.

He has an impenetrable armor and has golden flesh earrings which are attached to his body. Let this book be a testimony to future generations of engineering students. In the humid summer of the Gangetic plains Kanpur the library the only oasis of certitude.

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Open Preview See a Problem? Many years later, saw it's Hindi translation in Jabalpur railway station.

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There is a simmerring rivalry with Arjuna, but beyond that he does not seem to nurture an enmity towards them. Please stop reading further if you do not want to be exposed to spoilers. This is a good, but at times uneven read. How many women would have Durvasavu explained this mantra to? They had to go for exile because they lost, its all part of the game.

But a time comes when the dead have to speak too. Summing up, Mrityunjaya is one of the most eloquently narrated books and is most certainly a book worth adding to one's reading collection. The monologue of Duryodhana is different in that he is shown as a scheming character who treats Karna as more of his personal employee, a weapon to counteract the Pandavas than as his friend. But ironically, even he abuses Karna in a fit of anger as a charioter's son during a tense moment in the war.

The book has been translated in several languages Hindi, Gujarati, Kannada, Malayalam, Assamese, English and many more. As a feminist, the patriarchy was evident.

If one took a poll on the popularity of the various characters of the Mahabharata, Karna would rank amongst the top. The book is not entirely canonical and gives us a rather humane viewpoint into the happenings of the Mahabharata. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers.

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