Namasivaya Namasivaya Om Namasivaya Song

He therefore decided to test his disciple's level of devotion. At daybreak the priests opened the temple and looked for the golden plate.

Om Namasivaya Nama Shivaya S P Balasubramaniam

Elderly Lady, you who are known as Periyanayaki, abounding in goodness! His next stop was at a holy place called Rishi Vandanam. You who are the dearest to the heart of Lord Annamalai! He vomited, caught the vomit in his begging bowl, and then ordered his disciple to dispose of it in a place where it would not come into contact with human feet.

His pleasure, though, did not cause him to change his decision to send his disciple away. Namasivaya was very much attached to the physical form of his Guru and wanted only to stay with him and serve him. Guru Namasivaya sat there, absorbed in the Self, until the pangs of hunger again brought him back to the world. Is it just that I should languish as long as you are here on this earth? It merely notes that Siva chooses to function in a different way in Chidambaram.

He was singing this song as he reached Chidambaram. She is the silent witness to Lord Nataraja's dance in the inner sanctum. It also refers to the forest of Tillai trees that originally surrounded the town. Then he went on to explain what had caused him such amusement. This interpretation does not imply that one place is superior to the other.

Suddenly, and for no apparent reason, Guru Namasivaya bursts out laughing. The anonymous author of the original Tamil story frequently states that Guru Namasivaya went into or became absorbed in nishta. The disciple first responded by reminding his Guru of their relationship.

The gopuram over the entrance to the Guhai Namasivaya Temple. The wick of a ghee lamp was burning nearby. After acknowledging her defeat she was forced to leave her shrine in the heart of the Tillai forest and relocate herself outside the boundary of the town. Most of the biographical narrative and all of the poems that appear here are a direct translation from this text. Desiring a place to rest, he sat down under a tree and spent three hours absorbed in the Self.

Who will ever get a disciple like you? This disciple's love for his Guru was so great, he took the vomit to be prasad and secretly ate it. He will not go to another place but will remain with the feet of the Guru. Guru Namasivaya began to walk towards Chidambaram and by the time night fell he had covered about ten miles. The plate was eventually found there and returned to its rightful place in the temple.

Guru Namasivaya

At the moment when Guhai Namasivaya was composing this verse, there was some sweet rice resting on a golden plate in the temple. Accepting the promise that the divine darshan would not be cut off, the disciple finally admitted defeat. When Siva performed a difficult manoeuvre called urdhva tandava - one leg thrust vertically towards the sky - Kali conceded defeat because she was unable to execute that particular step.

The disciple bowed his head and confirmed that he had taken it to be prasad. Guhai Namasivaya is lying in his hammock, his favourite resting place, absorbed in the Self. Click on the image to enlarge. Guhai Namasivaya was unmoved.

After eating it he continued his walk and eventually reached a town called Bhuvanagiri. You attained liberation through the fourth leg of the chair. The disciple realised that his display of siddhis and his extreme devotion in swallowing the vomit had triggered Guhai Namasivaya's test. Mother, you who shine brighter than gold!

Guhai Namasivaya still felt that, if he pleaded his case, he would be allowed to stay. In this verse Guru Namasivaya seems to be saying that just as Kali expiated her sins by bathing in the tank, all others who follow her example will have their future karmas wiped out. Guru Namasivaya got up the next morning, completed his morning ablutions and walked eastwards, hill climb racing game for windows xp praising his Guru. Now sing me another song in which I am united with him.

Since rice is the predominant component in all South Indian meals, it has become a synonym for food in general. Only today did you attain true knowledge! It is commonly used as a polite but endearing form of address to an adult male. The fruit of the banyan was therefore the grace of the Guru that was made available to all devotees who came to him.

Devaraja Mudaliar asked Bhagavan about one of the verses from Arunachala Mahatmyam that Bhagavan had translated into Tamil. You destroy the subtle bonds of birth through your words and through your meditations, through your glance and through your touch, and through your compassion which gladdens our hearts! No pujas were performed for eight hours, for everyone was engaged in a search for the missing plate.

Elderly Lady, you whose body is dark blue! Elderly Lady, you who ever abide at the side of Lord Siva! Let me test him one more time, and then I can send him to a place that will be appropriate for him. That is why I sang of you in that way.

Om Namasivaya Song Lyrics

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Swami, I too rubbed my cloth so that the curtain would not burn any more. This is not proper conduct for the disciple. And whose earrings are of heavenly pearls!

Om Namasivaya Song Lyrics