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Buy one prepaid at the Movistar office half a block away from the Express Panaderia. Many of its crumbling eighteenth- and early nineteenth-century houses have been transformed into antique shops, boutiques, art galleries, and trendy restaurants and bars. Nightlife It can take a year to really explore the nightlife here. Home to the second oldest university in South America, the city has a large student population, which gives it a dynamic, youthful feel.

Of course Chateau has the best looking girls. For more detail and suggestions, check out my Cordoba nightlife post. For those that want to take a break from girls and booze, the nearby countryside makes for nice outdoor excursions. Custom hostel map is a goldmine to keep busy. Lively nightlife starts on Thursday.

If you are unable to find a cab back from Chateau, inquire about the bus. In each city I've been to I rate your chance of hooking up along with what to do during the day, where to sleep, and what spots to hit at night.

This sits alongside a well-preserved microcentro historic centre filled with beautiful colonial-era churches, monasteries, theatres and municipal buildings. See my goodbye photo montage. More experienced riders, meanwhile, can try their hand at that very Anglo-Argentine sport, polo. Near the gym is Parque Sarmiento, good for lounging around, but better people watching can be done in the center near Plaza San Martin and the many nearby pedestrian streets. At this wonderfully secluded working ranch the Begg family and their gauchos take you on epic rides across an undulating landscape that vaguely resembles the Scottish Highlands.

Staff is extremely knowledgeable with nightlife and will go out with you. Irigoyen and Independencia has American inspired cuisine, which means fried fatty food.

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It has perhaps the best barbeque chicken in Argentina, and is an excellent protein injection after a tough workout. She called me a liar but with a slight smile, making me think I was fine. Take your wingman to the University of Cordoba lounge area in the main building on the east side of Obsispo Trejo between Corrientes and Entre Rios to hit on an unlimited supply of girls. Continue Reading It was sad when I left Cordoba. Il Panino on the edge of Estrada near Plaza Espana has good sandwhiches.

The local authorities are investing heavily in arts and culture, and several new museums and cultural spaces have opened up. Other Cities In Argentina.

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They are so well-bred that even the most nervous rider will soon imagine themselves a cowboy or girl. As well as a lasting cultural influence, they left behind an incredible array of architectural gems, notably estancias ranches such as Santa Catalina.