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The men and, above all, the women that keep it alive have not given up an inch of ground to mercantile speculation, official prejudices and disqualification from its use. Day after Day Among the religions originating in Africa, the Regla de Osha occupies an undeniably dominant place within the Cuban panorama.

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In daily life, Osha has not lost its essence as a religion to be lived. We were expecting his arrival this year, but we only had his work. In our current context of greater religious freedom, two parallel phenomena have taken place.

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He had put together his show called Acerca de Salamanca only with recent paintings and drawings.

With her usual smile and unaffected manners, the judoka said that she only believed it when she had the Olympic medal on her chest. Her explosiveness on the tatami belies her gentle spirit. Idalis, with her multicolored braids, made the entire island of Cuba vibrate when she won the bout against Tong, who had been forecasted as the probable winner. But Idalis has not rested on her laurels.

Her explosiveness on the tatami belies