Lee Sung Kyung opens up about her first love and fear of dating

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Although Hyung-sik is indeed an idol, he is an idol turned actor. Now back to Sung-kyung and Joo-hyuk.

But to say that fans are generally becoming more accepting of celebrity relationships would be making a sweeping statement. Idols are required to uphold a certain image, namely a clean and pure one, to cater to the lowest common denominator. Sung-kyung has also received felicitations for her multifarious talents.

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Many concertgoers had also reported seeing the two at the venue. During filming, Joo-hyuk kept joking not sure if it was a joke now about Sung-kyung being his girlfriend and has even snagged himself a reputation for initiating adlibbed kissing scenes.

Ultimately, actors have fewer restrictions and fans are more open to them dating, especially with their co-stars. There are many who still hope that the on-screen romances would continue in reality. Surprisingly, the responses from netizens were mostly positive and many even hoped for them to tie the knot soon. One co-star couple who became lovers in real life would be Ahn Jae-hyun and Goo Hye-sun.

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There has been a rise of on-screen romances translating into reality and that transition itself is less appalling and controversial compared to idol romances.

On the other hand, there are couples in fact, too many who are everything but well-received by the public. But why actors are better able to get away from backlash is mainly due to their status, which differs from idols. Each side provides a familiarity to themselves that fans appreciate and find comfort in. Recently, they were spotted on a public date, without the typical face masks to conceal their identities. The shift in his status grants him more freedom.

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Lee Sung Kyung opens up about her first love and fear of dating