Oloriswank dating advice

Oloriswank dating advice

Fashion and entrepreneurism felt like a challenge to me. Certain people get lost in trying to be what is popular. It felt like something that I needed to work at even though I had those innate skills for fashion.

Not only does a strong shoulder connote strength, it actually can create the illusion of good posture. The biggest challenge for me was learning how to trust my intuition and being okay with not having all the answers. What works for one frame might not suit another. The look has been refreshed.

Also, anything not streamlined, such as ruffles, can make a woman look matronly. Jump and build your wings on the way down. Suit combos can vary from a cardigan set and pencil skirt to a jumpsuit and blazer to match. Also, shy away from bold statement jewelry or loud shoes. Then they gave me my own gym to manage.

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You have to be self sufficient. At the end of the day, the bigger picture for me was that high reward that came with that high risk. Eventually somebody is going to say yes. Rocking these bold looks each day made me face my fears of caring what other people thought about me. When opting to wear a colorful suit to work, there are a few things to keep in mind.

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She is also the owner of swankblue. You took up a job as a Sales Consultant selling gym memberships. No matter what you choose to wear, how you wear it and how you feel wearing it is what truly matters.

Walking through the office

My main focus was becoming a neurosurgeon. The industry is very referral based.

Walking through the office, I felt like Beyonce. Not picking any one moment as the highlight of my career keeps me hungry and grinding. Figure out what your brand is and be consistent. Being an entrepreneur saved me from the standard career path many of my peers chose to pursue.

In that year off is when I discovered the wonderful world of fashion styling. Impressing beyond expectations, she eventually began styling numerous celebrities including T. Her Source Celebrity fashion stylist Olori Swank is a serial entrepreneur with a fearless style taking the fashion world by a storm.

The gym was the high life of the town. Tell a story with your outfit. Colors always have to tell a story.

For plus-sized women in particular, she recommends Avenue as a place to get some great suiting separates. If you stay true to who you really are and find your personal self and you stick to that. By learning what I needed to know to be the best at what I was doing.