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It is self-preservation, and that is an act of political warfare. These results are concerning. We are told there are plenty more fish in the sea.

This is an exact representation of our exaggerated selves. It seems that he may have deleted the message I sent him, forgot about me, and then found me as the White version of myself and thought we might make a good match.

Finally, this sends a number of negative messages to Black women. At this point, I decided to see, like Mwaturura, how this would change if my pictures and ethnicity both showed me as a White woman. There were the ones who thought that they were complimenting me by confessing that they didn't normally find Black women attractive, but they'd date me. My OkCupid account quickly turned into a black hole of negativity. Regardless, the everyday racism that Black women encounter in the real world is often translated into a few thoughtless and crass keystrokes.

Fork over your cash and trust

One of my friends was kind enough to let me use two of her pictures. Turns out my expectations were too high. When he later bought me a shot, I promptly told the bartender to send it back. It was easy, uncomplicated and fun. In one case, a guy in his first email asked me to do a threesome.

There were a few who would adamantly make plans, only to stand me up. Some women would rather avoid the pain of being humiliated and coldly rejected.

Some jobs let you work

The suburbs of Connecticut aren't shining beacons of racial diversity. We need to give people a chance based on their personality and not necessarily on the color of their skin. White people are always fascinated by my natural hair. Well, at least if you're not a minority.

Fork over your cash and trust the algorithms perfected at Match. Perhaps, but offensive nonetheless. Some jobs let you work from home so we spend less time in the office with our co-workers. There's dozens of choices. The men who approach you think you must be desperate and therefore a sure thing.

As myself, I initially received some messages, mostly overly-sexualized in nature. His profile picture showed brown hair, big brown eyes and a smiley face. For example, when I was contacted by one particular man, I thought I'd finally sorted through the endless reject pile and found someone who was respectful, interesting and thoughtful.

Those who were mainly viewing my profile and sending messages were White and Asian men. Not a single black male professional has ever contacted me. Then, I posted pictures of myself as I am today, curly twist-out, brown skin, red lipstick, and dark purple glasses. She sees no problem with this. In fact, their response rate was one and a half times the average.

Perhaps but offensive nonetheless