El conflicto de ideas entre liberales y conservadores

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Willys de Castro contributed the Apollonian side - rational, cerebral of that new world which Macaparana discovered at the age of thirty. How Google Maps is changing the way we see the world. It is an oeuvre without final forms.

El conflicto de ideas entre liberales y conservadores

It declined to approve the sort of reparations the U. Installation including video and drawings. Con los Espejos Estelares, sigue la historia de cada piedra que define su independencia de la gravedad. The playfulness of an artist who does not cease to explore, through his art, the possibilities that may be encountered in the journey through the looking-glass. El agua que contiene la pieza busca el reflejo del cielo.

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And in that work, his smile is a key factor. They dream of dissolving into rhythms and sounds that captivate us. Todas las piedras tienen una forma inicial. De esa escuela casera viene la sofisticada factura y el exquisito formalismo de este artista singular. He is concerned with recreating the density of cobalt blues amidst the solidity of black.

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Without art, life would be meaningless. It is so humanly incompatible that we should rather speak of a fundamental order seeking a decision in the reflection of the mirror of the human firmament and in the midst of an immemorial landscape. Zapata cree que la piedra piensa antes que el hombre. Courtesy of Casas Riegner Gallery.

And in that work

Or rather, he discovers in the blackness of the cosmos a light that has been detoxified of semidarkness. In he moved to New York, where he has lived and worked ever since. His is an art-reflection of his own strategies and of the inhabited world. In his other reading, he delves into the cosmic self and translates it onto his sculptures. Translated by Louise Landes Levi.

Courtesy of Casas Riegner Gallery

Just like having your own social scientists working for you. El azul que busca viene de la tierra y del fuego. He interrupts the flow with glass or water in his search for the ancestral light.

El suyo es un arte-reflejo de sus propias estrategias y del mundo habitado. Organizer Helen Herrada, whose father was deported, has conducted oral histories and produced a documentary. Witnesses of human verticality.