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Flames of embarrassment heated her cheeks. That, at least, would have been a sound explanation for her problem.

And I sure as hell want to be wanted sexually too. The leather squeaked with the weight of her body.

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Marriage, babies and picket fence? She did know what she wanted, usually. Nita slapped her drink on the table with a thump. He was an all-star asshole. The color of her eyes turned a bright blue.

She glanced around the bar that was located a few blocks from her building. Did that make her a freak? Not for whatever he might think he can get out of me.

Wilder took a seat across from her with a notepad, tucking her feet under her long eyelet peasant skirt. When someone did take the time to talk to me, they wanted something, and that something was usually to make fun of me. Now her days were either spent with Nita or Mrs.

She pinned Nita with a glare. An entire week near Paul of wedding festivities was not what she was looking forward to. How would she ever survive the next time she saw her ex-husband? Her black, wide-neck top dove to the side and showed off a sparkly bra strap over golden brown skin. Wilder was not the usual elderly woman, but geez.

Tally had told her that Mrs. Wilder was her older neighbor from across the hall and a lot of fun. Wilder, clucked her tongue, motioning with a hand for her to get on with it. With her new flipped bob and perfect makeup on her wrinkleless features, she was hot for whatever her age was.

Wilder snorted, her eyes turned bright with amusement. Nita felt lonely most of the time that she spent with her cousin and the two men Tally shared her life with.

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She picked up a napkin and tried to clear her throat. Wilder could ask some off-the-wall questions. Wilder breathed in deep, her face returning to her human side. Wilder raised her brows high.

She was okay getting physically close, thaimate dating quotes but emotions were another thing. Apparently the waitress felt she needed more than her usual dose of liquor. She needed a damn miracle.

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Okay, it did mean she had to see his dumbass again. She winced at how strong it was.

Her blue eyes went into a dark sapphire color and there was a hint of confusion in them. Especially if he can figure out how to be all alpha and make your legs shake.

The older neighbor always had a ton of male visitors. But why is it that when I meet what seems to be a nice, decent man, he turns out to be some kind of double bastard with a side of dickhead? Wilder cocked her head to the side, staring at her with her soulful eyes. All right, she really needed therapy.

There was no real reason to be nervous and yet she was. All because she wanted to find a man now that her cousin Tally had fallen in love. He had a god-complex the size of Texas.

Wilder followed up her words with a smile and picked up her coffee. What do you want to focus on if anything in particular?

Paranormal Dating Agency Series

When it came to men, Tally had some seriously sucky luck. Even an old friend that encouraged me daily.

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She placed a large tray of cookies, biscuits and coffee on the table in front of Nita Islas. Her lips twisted in a smirk and a small dimple showed on her right cheek. Your beauty, your body, your wit, your abilities at work. Not even something a person should be proud of. All that internal brooding had made her forget Mrs.

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