Quiz fanatic is first to win Mastermind and a million

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He became the Mastermind champion after swotting up on an array of specialist subjects from Father Ted to the books of Iain M. However, the exact figure hasn't revealed yet. Mark later retributed the favour, by serving as his phone-a-friend during Pat's million pound question. He gives a recent example. He belongs to the white ethnicity and holds a British nationality.

And despite his encyclopaedic knowledge, this year-old Wigan based boffin remains an unassuming, humble and entirely modest individual. Ashman also won Master Brain, a radio competition for winners twice and runners-up of Mastermind and Brain of Britain. In previous rounds in the black leather chair, he had chosen the film director Quentin Tarantino and the science fiction works of Iain M Banks as specialist subjects.

In those days, to get into a one-on-one with Chris Tarrant at all, contestants had to prevail at Fastest Finger. He returned in for a chance to be crowned Mastermind's Champion of Champions.

His personal private life is still a mystery as no record of him having an affair, dating, relationship or girlfriend has been made. He became interested in quizzes since his mid-twenties. By virtue of his amazing scores on both the specialist subject and general knowledge rounds, Pat Gibson took the title of Mastermind's Champion of Champions.

The black bars denote the start of each series. He has won many national and international quizzing championship. He is often considered one of the greatest quizzers in the world, and since has been professional quizzes.

Quiz fanatic is first to win Mastermind and a million - Telegraph

He has won many national

When preparing for a big quiz Pat uses several techniques and a lot of his facts are absorbed as much through osmosis as they are through hard graft. It was a life-changing moment. Having come so far with my hobby of answering questions, I may as well continue to do so. Mr Gibson, a year-old computer programmer from Wigan, became the first person to win both television quiz shows. There aren't too many quiz topics that he fears either.

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For the final he chose the much broader subject of the lives of the great mathematicians. Pat's run was split into two parts, in order to make room for the Celebrity Easter special shows. Mr Gibson was presented with the crystal bowl by last year's winner, Shaun Wallace, and studied it carefully. Banks and the films of Quentin Tarantino.

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For me, the tension there was even worse than in the answering chair itself. Graphical representation This chart displays when each presenter and Egghead was active.

Peter's I felt I should, once again, flex my hurling muscles. After winning Millionaire, Pat set his sights on becoming a Mastermind champion and he earned the title after swotting up on an array of specialist subjects from Father Ted to the books of Iain M. However, he thoroughly enjoyed the maths and applied maths classes with Fr. Over many years of keen quizzing, certain habits have become entrenched.

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Net Worth Considering his amazing career, it might be sure he has an amazing net worth. That's definitely not cricket. He is also a Mensa chess champion. He is a quiz fanatic and regularly takes part in county competitions and has entered World Quizzing Championships.