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From day one, we met each other and we recognized, very quickly, that we had no choice but to become family. The first episode, as a pilot, was kind of elusive. Fortunately, we all got on really well. Once we were in the thick of things, we were predominantly focusing on the scripts. It was very humbling to be a part of that.

People are so busy nowadays. It was very much just a serendipitous deal. We did all really want to try to approach it as naturally, as honestly and as truthfully as possible, and it was fun to fight for that. Dougray was such a generous actor to work with. She takes things at face-value.

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It also happened very quickly. It enhances their moral dilemmas. But, it felt like it was a really strong fraternity or sorority, from day one. This is so strange, so appealing, and something so refreshing. You have to hide a lot of things from yourself.

Sometimes it can kill a career, if you do something bad. It killed me that that was the only script I had. On paper, he has everything. So they kind of used the model that was so pre- the internet in a way. Ultimately you have to make the jump over here and I figured I may as well just do it now.

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Yeah, I had the same sort of reaction. She has a very strong utilitarian instinct.

Yeah, similarly I read it right at the end of pilot season where I felt like I had been reading the same porridge for the last few weeks. It was like a very fast-paced movie.

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Me, from growing up in Sweden, we obviously did not get the shows at the same time as you do over here and all of those things. They define the supernatural. Hemlock Grove is now available on Netflix. There were a few holes that needed to be filled. Personally, I know the lifestyle I lead is really busy.

They are very influential. They really are great, and everyone has the most unique energy.

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And we got it because that was the only way for us to see it. We did forge this pseudo family vibe. It was just written in such a tasteful way and each character is so rich that each character is deserving of its own show. But, no, I kind of just threw caution to the wind I guess.