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While good posture and stretching can provide relief, the key to preventing injury is reducing pipetting forces. The most common pipette used in life science labs around the world is the single-channel air displacement pipette. As such, it is important that operators are trained to use a pipette. There are two basic pipette types, positive displacement and air pipettes. An accurate and precise pipette dispenses volumes at the intended volume with each dispense.

Precision is the ability of a pipette to consistently deliver same-sized volumes of liquid over multiple aliquots. There are some powerful, yet simple techniques that can greatly improve pipetting accuracy. Accuracy is the ability of a pipette to deliver the volume specified on the volume setting. Pipettes range from very basic graduated glass tubes to sophisticated precision instruments capable of aspirating and dispensing liquid in increments as small as a fraction of a microliter. Pipettes are handheld instruments commonly used in academic, biotech, pharmaceutical and other labs to transfer precise amounts of liquid from one container to another.

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Positive displacement pipettes are commonly used for samples of high viscosity e. More than with other lab instruments, the pipette operator has a high degree of influence on the accuracy of results.

Pipetting is usually a repetitive activity that, when loading and ejecting tips, can involve a high level of force. Pipette calibration refers to testing a pipette's precision and accuracy and resetting it to the manufacturer's specifications if it is out of range. In other words, the trueness of a measurement to the true value. The most common method of pipette calibration is the gravimetric method, which involves pipetting distilled water onto an analytical balance and weighing it to assess the accuracy of the measurement.

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Since the piston is a long way from the liquid sample, the air cushion between the piston and liquid can have a number of effects on the accuracy of this process, depending on the liquid type. The cylindrical pipette-shaft end and matching tip cup produce a reliable, consistent seal without excessive force.