Pirelli cinturato p7 review uk dating

Pirelli cinturato p7 review uk dating

This pattern may have extra-load capabilities or be available as a Run Flat. This helps reduce tyre distortion during fast cornering and improve steering responsiveness. This especially applies to tyres, given it's quite a big investment that need to last for many km's. In the ten months I've been using these tyres they've been great, handling corners better than other tyres I've previously used. The tyres have looked after me in their short life.

This pattern may

The tyre offers a perfect combination of low rolling resistance, heightened comfort levels and high mileage characteristics. These results in even tyre wear, resulting in a longer lasting tyre.

More accurately, I'm disappointed I got blinded by the brand reputation. And then I found out later on, these Pirellis are now made in China - not necessarily a problem of course, but I stopped expecting an ownership experience of an Italian stallion. The grip has been great although as you'd expect the car has slid about a bit more recently as the tyres have worn down. If they lasted longer I would probably buy again. These are probably my favrioute tyre for all round performance I've used that's why I keep using them.

This especially appliesIn the ten months I've

So on balance these tyres have been disappointing. They're a good tyre, it just feels like they wear down too quick.

This helps reduce tyre distortion