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At the same time we will help all oppressed nationalities in the work of struggling to achieve independence, in particular such neighboring countries as Laos and Cambodia. Nghiep was briefly jailed by Yunnan authorities, but continued to run the party from his cell.

The preliminary contacts did not yield any concrete alliances. The third and final principle was to implement socialist controls on the economy, and restricting capitalism through nationalisation, guaranteed minimum working conditions and land reform. General Zhang shrewdly blocked the Communists of Vietnam, and Ho Chi Minh from entering the league, as his main goal was Chinese influence in Indochina.

Its basic unit

The survivors escaped to Yunnan in southern China, where some of Nghiep's supporters were still active. Ho had done this to eliminate other nationalist rivals.

Three protogovernmental organs were createdHo tried to broaden his

Every non-communist minister had a communist deputy, and if the former refused to approve a decree, the Vietminh official would do so. Some sources claim that Nghiep had formed a breakaway party and had begun secret contacts with French authorities.

Secondly, democracy was to give citizens the right to vote, impeach elected officials, ratify and abolish laws. Ho's Viet Minh seized power and set up a provisional government in the wake of Japan's withdrawal from Vietnam. The report stated that there were landlords and wealthy peasants among the members, but that few were of scholar-gentry mandarin rank.

Sun and opposition to Vietnamese and French Imperialists. Recruiting techniques often included beating or coercion, because the foremen who did the recruiting received a commission for each enlisted worker. The largest number of death penalties was handed down by the first Criminal Commission, which convened at Yen Bay. The first was nationalism, under which people of all ethnic groups in Vietnam were to be citizens of a sovereign nation.

About two hours later

The aim and general line of the party is to make a national revolution, to use military force to overthrow the feudal colonial system, to set up a democratic republic of Vietnam. The French colonial authorities were aware of the real purpose of the business, and put it under surveillance without taking further preliminary action. In one case, the Minister of Social Works became a factory worker because he was forced to remain politically idle. They located and manufactured weapons, storing them in hidden depots.

The preparation was hindered by

Its basic unit was the cell, above which there were several levels of administration, including provincial, regional and central committees. The preparation was hindered by French police, particularly the seizure of arms caches. About two hours later, however, it became apparent that the badly coordinated uprising had failed, and the remaining Vietnamese soldiers helped quell the rebellion rather than participate in it. Ho tried to broaden his support in order to strengthen himself, in addition to decreasing Chinese and French power. Three proto-governmental organs were created, to form the legislative, executive and judicial arms of government.

In particular, they sought to cultivate support among warrant officers who would then be able to mobilise their enlisted men. In response, Vietnamese hatred of Bazin led to thoughts of an assassination.