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There is also a small swara pattern in this small piece. He is helped by a music director, Mani Sharma, who has given full play to his talent in numbers that are very different from what you hear day in and day out. Gopalam is an assistant public prosecutor.

But just like in cricket where we are obsessed with the likes of Sachin and Dravid, we tend to get carried away by the likes of Shankar Mahadevan or Hariharan in music too. Bapu's style of showing the romance between husband and wife is awesome. But post marriage, the husband is not so sure of himself. An indecisive guy who has been rejected by several women, finds himself in a spot when he has to choose between two women.

Tholi Kodi Koosindhi Lyrics - Cast and Crew

We do definitely expect a better film from the legendry duo of Bapu-Ramana. Divyavani did an important character in this film. The orchestration patterns are particularly interesting and inspiring in places. Lead roles played by Sneha, Meka Srikanth, Brahmanandam.

Radha Gopalam Music Review

Radha Gopalam - Vaalu Jada Song - Lyrics

Radha Gopalam - Vaalu Jada Song - Lyrics

The song is an intriguing one as it does not easily fall into a pattern. Choreography by Srinivas and Suchitra is nice. The conflict created between the lead pair is not proper one. The problems he faces and how he overcomes them.

Muralidhar's folksy bit is also good. In the event, it is like eating a buffet without any particular flavor.

Tholi Kodi Koosindhi Song Lyrics - Radha Gopalam

Radha Gopalam Music Review. She wore the attire of sarees most of the times by epitomizing the essence of Telugu woman.

She has put on lots of weight and it's sad to see Bapu Bomma like Divayavani in a role like this. It looks like a antakshari song with tunes from every popular song. Marriage, which, in a sense, is a kind of ego trip, can also do the same.

Perhaps that is the charm of it all as the song is about a man and woman settling down in marital bliss. Ego is actually a twin-edged knife.

Radha Gopalam - Telugu cinema Review - Srikanth Sneha

But the characterization of Srikanth is inconsistent. Perhaps this is more a situation song as there is a bit of dialogue involved.

Tholi Kodi Koosindhi Song Lyrics - Radha Gopalam

What's new to talk about their voices. Mani Sharma has stayed away from the beaten track. Sathyam is hired by the National Investigation Agency to help catch Padmanabham, the master of disguise, by following a suit which he is assumed to have an obsession with. But by concentrating more in small things, Bapu missed big picture. Production values by Sri Creations are good.

Nithiin, Trisha Krishnan, Rathi. Nithiin, Megha Akash, Ravi Kishan. The wife wins and the hubby is upset and hence sends her out of his house and life. The pace of the tune is also varied.

In fact, it runs a baffling gamut of genres. More than anything else, Mani Sharma has avoided playing to the gallery.

Allu Sirish, Surabhi, Srinivas Avasarala. The clash between husband and wife when they are standing against each other on the same case and how did they survive the ego tiff? An assistant director juggles relationships with two women while he writes a romantic comedy. It continues in the same vein.

Photos Add Image Add an image Do you have any images for this title? He is cute in first half and behaves rather ambiguously in second half. The Tolikodi song penned by Mullapudi Venkata Ramana is also good. The conflict is not resolved towards end which made climax appear abrupt.

Once gain, the instrumentation is very different. Punjabi, pop, mass, folk you name it everything is there. As it happens, they end up as rival lawyers in a particular case. Second half of the film is bit boring. Nithiin, Adah Sharma, Vikramjeet Virk.

Heading Details Close Help. An immature teenager doubts the virginity and loyalty of his overly outgoing girlfriend.

Movie review - Radha Gopalam. Sneha is really good in this film as Radha. Radha is the daughter of Judge Rangnath. Gopalam Srikanth performs tapas and gets Radha Sneha as his wife.

Learn more More Like This. Music by Mani Sharma is excellent and is in Bapu's style. You can update your channel preference from the Settings menu in the header menu. Srikanth did the role of different shades in this film. Subramanyam Divyavani Sriram L.

Tholi Kodi Koosindhi Song Lyrics From Radha Gopalam

Watch a Random Movie Sitemap Browse. Most Anticipated Indian Movies and Shows. You listen to this audio where he has sung five out of the six songs, xilisoft youtube video er and converter you understand the enormous value and talent of the man. The film starts with a song and by the times titles are completed two songs are over. The number starts with a mantra and a haunting nadaswaram piece.