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Regular expression for validating phone numbers, matching Numeric Ranges with a Regular Expression

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It excludes Mexico and the Central American nations. Instead of matching text, assertions match a position within the text. The final four digits, known as the station code, have no restrictions. It is used by a growing number of domain name registries, including. Character classes allow you to match any one out of a set of characters.

This is a textbook example of where we need a backslash to escape a special character so the regular expression treats it as literal input. Two other types of tokens used in this regular expression are character classes and quantifiers. Validating Numeric Ranges If you're using the regular expression to validate input, ttally free married dating you'll probably want to check that the entire input consists of a valid number. Discussion This regular expression matches three groups of digits.

Note that the first word boundary token appears after the optional, opening parenthesis. End the noncapturing group. The first group can optionally be enclosed with parentheses, and the first two groups can optionally be followed with a choice of three separators a hyphen, dot, or space. These rules can easily be implemented with a few character classes.

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The first word boundary is relevant only when matching a number without parentheses, since the word boundary always matches between the opening parenthesis and the first digit of a phone number. This way the regex engine will try to match the first word boundary, then try all the alternatives, and then try to match the second word boundary after the numbers it matched.

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Regular expression engines consider all alphanumeric characters, as well as the underscore, as word characters. In this case, backreferences to the captured values are used in the replacement text so we can easily reformat the phone number as needed. The shortest international phone numbers in use contain seven digits. Since a question mark is used after each separator, the phone number digits are allowed to run together.

Validating Numeric Ranges

Another reason to use a noncapturing group here is to allow you to keep using the same replacement string as in the previous examples. This is important because there is no word boundary to be matched between two nonword characters, such as the opening parenthesis and a preceding space character.

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Though a valid regex, it matches something entirely different. With Safari, you learn the way you learn best. As you can see, you need to split up the numeric range in ranges with the same number of digits, and each of those ranges that allow the same variation for each digit. Both are followed by a question mark, which makes them optional. Another way to ensure that a hyphen inside a character class matches a literal version of itself is to escape it with a backslash.

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Since the alternation operator has the lowest precedence of all, the parentheses are required to group the alternatives together. Finally, quantifiers allow you to repeatedly match a token or group. There are two solutions to this. Any quantifier that allows something to match zero times effectively makes that element optional.

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