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Even though some metals are essential to life, overexposure to these and other metals may result in a toxic effect in one or more organ systems. The clinical presenters will emphasize the clinical situation and current treatment approaches. The preclinical presenters will focus on the application of preclinical data to provide risk assessment and to direct clinical assessment possibilities.

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Accumulation of metals in bone has recently gained renewed interest as an eventual source of internal exposure. The studies assess multiple interrelated endpoints of male and female reproductive development and function. The course will conclude with open discussion between the presenters and the audience about opportunities for future risk assessment and the application to clinical management.

The skin together with the respiratory system is important as a route of chemical exposure, and as a target organ for toxicity induced by chemicals. Recent evidence suggests that developmental exposure to metals may affect stem cell population dynamics, which could result in adult onset of cancer. The Biochemistry of Nutrition. Key organ systems such as the central nervous system, the vascular system, as well as the skeleton system are affected by metals including manganese, lead, aluminum, and others. Engineered Approaches to Assess Liver Toxicity.

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Metal-Induced Organ Systems Toxicities. The response of an organism following exposure to metals may be protective e. Metals have unique chemical and physical properties that distinguish them from organic-based chemicals. Metals are known to cause cancer by several proposed mechanisms, including oxidative stress and the cancer stem cell hypothesis. Methods and Use in Risk Assessment.

The potential for intersection of normal nutritional metabolic pathways with adverse outcome pathways is becoming even more important to delineate. Neuropathy can be caused by either limited or long-term exposure to drugs or chemicals, and toxic neuropathies can be classified by their presentation e. Upon exposure, metals may be absorbed, distributed throughout the systemic circulation, metabolized, ncess tinder dating site and eliminated. Noninvasive methods such as neutron activation are now being used to quantitate bone metal levels.

Clinical Overview of Toxic Neuropathy. Underscoring the above is the increasing number of presentations and publications related to this subject, and hallmarks such as the recently revamped Food Pyramid into a Plate Icon.

Presentations will include information on the preclinical and clinical syndromes that have been characterized and the specific techniques for assessment.