Rss feed not updating wordpress

Rss feed not updating wordpress

License codes were being erased when add-ons were deactivated. Nested lists in feeds template. Various improvements to the plugin interface and texts. Licenses were not showing as active, even though they were activated. Can set the maximum length for titles.

Word trimming no longer adds extra closing tags at the end. Optimized checking for plugin updates. Feeds that fail to validate due to whitespace at the beginning are now supported by the plugin. Feed limits set to zero were causing feeds to not be imported. The display limit was not working.

Added support for multibyte strings in some places. Read this guide to find areas where you can have the most impact. Improved the licensing fields. Certain notices could not be dismissed. Multiple small-scale security vulnerabilities.

You can post any questions you may have, or give feedback. The Next Update column also shows the time remaining for next update, for feed source on the global update interval. Last import feed item count stays at zero.

The latest release is feature complete, meaning that all further development on it will be to improve existing features and fix outstanding bugs. Improved date and time handling for imported feed items. Multiple minor bug fixes with old filters. Filed under Month in WordPress.

Improved various interface elements

With the addition of the simple to use customize panels, and the ability to specify other rss feed locations, we decided to offer it up for anyone. Empty array of feed items bug caused importing problems. Add-on updater was prone to conflicts.

The general setting for deleting feed items by age was not working. Improved various interface elements. Hook change in last version suspected reason for some installations having non-updated feed items. However, this does not matter too much for ordinary users, but by using web standards it will be easier for persons and applications to exchange data.

Now enclosed in an action. Custom feed was not working in Firefox. Some feed items were showing items from another feed source.

Hook change in last version suspected

Added time limit extending to prevent script from exhausting its execution time limit while importing. The plugin prevented uploading of header images. Help tooltips are now optimized for iPad screens.

Sticky posts no longer get deleted when truncating, unless imported from a feed source. If a feed item has no date, the date and time it was imported is used. If you want to customise your widget with the advanced settings, make sure you clear the example style. Incorrect values being shown in the Feed Processing metabox. Feed items can now link to enclosure links in the feed.

Added a new filter to modify the text shown before author names. Updated some styles to improve the user interface. Better responsiveness for smaller screen. Added utility functions for shorter filters. Feed items not being imported with limit set to zero.

Feed item dates are now adjusted according to daylight savings time. Language files were not always being referenced correctly. The feed image is saved for each url. Added autoloading and refactored licensing.

The general setting for deleting feed