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Shaken and completely distraught by the reality, Ria slips into depression after a wild car drive. Geeta picks up Ria's call and tells her to not call Jai again ever. Geeta tries to escape, hide, dodge Ria many times during the attack but fails. Jai takes her to the hospital and have her treated. After few minutes while walking on the road, Geeta realizes her mistake and decides to go back but before her, Ria breaks into the house and starts getting intimate with Jai.

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Jai and Geeta mend their relationship and goes out for a hangout while an obsessive Ria keeps thinking about Jai and waits for his phone calls. Her last two scenes in the film are simply breath taking. As usual Shreya Ghoshal rocks!

First, as vulnerable as any other girl and later a suicidal, she-of-the-killer-instinct, a la Glen Close in Hollywood hit Fatal Attraction, Urmila gives a power-packed performance. This troubles Geeta and she threatens Jai to file a police complaint against her. Fardeen does a great job in the film. Her career-best performance, she oozes intensity, love, hate, relentlessness and obsessive behaviour with perfection.

Ria leaves Jai in a depressing state. The film is mainly known for Matondkar's remarkable performance of an obsessed lover. He takes photos of her while working out without permission and publishes them in the magazine. However, Ria starts to get possessive about Jai and unable to forget him. Patthar Kya Maarte Ho Lyrics.

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Never miss latest songs lyrics update. The soundtrack album is composed by anand-milind. She makes a suicide attempt, calls him in the middle of the night. This angers Geeta even more. Particularly laudable is her depiction of two different shades of a same person.

Not only does she look amazing, but she acts so well it will leave you speechless. She attempts to kill Geeta so that she can win Jai's love.

He bubbly buoyancy will not go unnoticed. The magazine becomes a huge hit because of those pictures. The film was a success at the box office. Archived copy as title link.

She tells Ria instead that nothing can break their relationship and It is she whom Jai loves not her. He has a confident screen presence, and he is overcoming is anglicized accent well. She goes to his house and gets a shocking surprise when she meets Geeta, Jai's wife. Latest Movies Lyrics Simmba.

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The same night Jai tells Geeta everything which shuns Geeta. Jai has no choice but to save Ria and console her. Geeta isn't a complex character but she is very insecure, yet understanding. Meanwhile, Ria reaches the hospital and tells Geeta that she should move out of this relationship and let her and Jai live happily. Jai agrees but instead decide to go to meet Mr Jaiswal and tell him all the truth.

If you hate everything else in the film, her performance will surely win you over! Shreya Ghosal, Ajay Gogavale.

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Still, there could be a few mistakes here and there. Her father arrives at Jai's house asking for one last time to meet her as it's her birthday and it's only him that can make any impact on her. Ria, after convinced by Jai's pleading and promise lets go Geeta and run towards Jai's arms but Jai instead slaps her hard and it makes her unconscious and mentally unstable.

Ladies and gentlemen stand up and applaud this fantastic performance! Ria eventually confesses her feelings to Jai who gets shocked to hear her story. And despite the fact that her character gets nuttier as the movie tags along, it is to Urmila's credit that we are able to feel for her pathetic persona. One day Ria sets out for a vocation in Goa.

Sathiya Yeh Tune Kya Kiya Lyrics

Six months later, Geeta and Jai are happy with their life while Ria is housed at a mental hospital. The film is sure to get her nominated for best actress or even in some cases best villain. Meanwhile, Jai gets an invitation to a party from Vispy. The star of the show is Urmila who is simply mind blowing in this film.

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