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Hayes was born

Hayes wanted to move on in the music industry as a solo artist.

He announced that Jones was taking time off to work on a record label that he had founded. Hayes and Jones had what would become a not so secret weapon in waiting - Truly Madly Deeply.

Thousands of bands claim

Hayes was born to be on stage, Jones born to remain behind the scenes. Thousands of bands claim they'd stop when it ceases being fun, Savage Garden actually did it. Touring Affirmation fatally wounded Savage Garden with Jones retreating to the shadows as Hayes went solo. Tears for Fears melodies blended seamlessly with Eurythmics -like arrangements, while Cure-styled guitar provided the icing on the cake.

Hayes and Jones had spent years preparing for this moment and weren't going to be one hit wonders. No one knew they'd go on to write their own classic hits. Ironically it was following those hits around the world that would divide the duo. From my Sister to my Mother and all the friends and the wonderful female relationships in my life.

Tears for Fears melodies

We are extremely grateful to our fans all around the world for their incredible support over the years. Hayes has released more solo albums.

And if you're going to be a pop band, being wildly, globally, permanently popular is the whole point. By year's end, the pair had enough songs for a demo tape, they sent copies to various record companies around the world. We just hope that you all understand our individual needs to continue growing. It was home-made world class music.

Touring Affirmation fatally

In hindsight, they've left a short but perfectly formed legacy. They never had a dud album, never had a major flop single, never had an awkward jazz odyssey moment, never forgot what or who they were doing this for. It was reported that Jones did not learn about the actual date of the break-up until he read the report of Hayes announcing the split. And as modest masters of pop, in just two albums they provided enough classic, timeless songs to fill a Greatest Hits album.

The beauty of the first Savage Garden album was how naive it all was. What made it work initially ultimately tore it apart.

In hindsight they've leftThey never had a dud

It started the way many bands before them had - musician Daniel Jones placing an advertisement looking for a singer in covers band Red Edge. Against the odds it soared to No. Both men have admirably politely declined increasingly lucrative reformation offers, letting the songs continue to ably represent them instead.