Season 5 episode 12 awkward online dating

Season 5 episode 12 awkward online dating

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Cathy relies on Anthony's choreography to keep her on top. Sophia and Jackie briefly return, only to quickly and mysteriously disappear.

He begins dating Emily

Bernadette excuses herself to the bathroom and calls Amy to tell her that the lie as well as her calm is unraveling. Gilda is threatened by Katie's presence. Penny becomes friends with Bernadette and Amy, and they often hang out in each other's apartments. Penny and Leonard form a relationship and eventually marry. Abby also tries to prod Brooke into proving she cares about dancing, and make Maddie demonstrate that there's more to her than people know.

Meanwhile, Tamara enjoys her first sex scandal after contracting pink eye in a hot tub make-out session. Despite the ridicule and gossip, the prank also elicits some surprising reactions from Jenna's big crush Matty. Nick Dobbs returns for a group dance that involves a tangled and confusing story of differing loves.

Nia struggles to keep up with Asia when they are paired together for a duet. The Way We Weren't Jenna wonders if Matt is planning to take their relationship public when he invites her to a party. It ends up working very well, as Raj starts to talk to a woman named Angela, who also seems to like him. When the four meet for dinner, Priya makes a snide remark about Penny's acting career. Talk is generated when Abby goes on a date with a mysterious man.

Kendall is given a solo where she must work on her facial expressions. Rather than let her new identity define her, Jenna makes some big changes in her life. Kelly takes Brooke to a music producer, while Chloe and Paige read lines for a talent agent. However, an adverse effect begins to manifest itself, causing Raj to lose all his inhibitions and strip completely naked, thus scaring off Angela.

Stuart implies he is in financial trouble and that the comic book store now also is his home. Howard also has a tendency to waste money on toys and argues with Bernadette because of his oddly low income as an engineer and her high income as a pharmaceutical biochemist. Jenna starts to wonder if her reputation is preventing Matty from seeing her as girlfriend material.

After patching up theirSheldon and Leonard

After patching up their friendship, Kelly and Christi face a point of no return when they argue again. He begins dating Emily and their relationship later becomes exclusive. Sheldon and Leonard meet Katie after she breaks up with a boyfriend and they invite her to share their apartment. By ordering or viewing, you agree to our Terms.

Abby and the mothers are suspicious of Mackenzie's foot injury. Raj is initially unable to talk to women unless he drinks alcohol.

Penny moves in across the hall from Sheldon and Leonard. They date and later get engaged and married. Leslie has casual sex with Leonard and later Howard.