Sedating cats for grooming

Sedating cats for grooming

Entering my clients home, one evening, I was greeted by a huge silver coloured Persian with a face like a large moon and as hairy as a bear. Kajal was going to get a lion cut. All this is learned behaviour and most likely stems from a bad grooming experience connected with pain. Kajal behaved much better than I expected. From his neck down to his paws Kajal was heavily pelted.

Under normal circumstances I hate this kind of cut, especially when clients do this for fashion purposes, but when I or them, have no further options the lion cut has to be performed. Once Kajal was out for the count I made my way down the stairs and laid him out on one of the tables. Once I start a job I hate to let my clients down. When it came to do his legs, we both realised he would get over stressed and she suggested I took him over to the Vets in Notting Hill to finish him off under sedation.

The reception area in his practise is full of bottles of olive oil, on sale, made from his own olive grove in Crete. She came, brought toys for him, her own grooming table, different brushes and clippers. His cat sits on the side and watches everything going on. You almost think the cat is going to pass a stethoscope to Dr Carmichael as he slots in like a vets assistant and looks so wise with it too. As time passed, and I was going as gently as I could, Kajal became more and more stressed.

Only the central fur along his back was clear of matts due to the fact that this was the only place on his body he allowed his owners to comb. He was carried in a blanket to one of their cages and left to come around peacefully and securely. He must have felt like a pancake being flipped over and over.

Other groomers had refused to handle Kajal due to his stress levels and their local vets would not groom him under sedation. Before that Kajal was hissing at the vet who was trying to gently touch his feet. His crying became louder each time. This seemed to go quite well. Beside the bottles of olive oil are beautifully crafted wooden utensils and salad bowls.

This seemed to go quiteHis crying became louder eachOther groomers had refused to handle

Kajal was checked over and his heart listened to intensely before the needle with the sedative was injected.

Before that Kajal wasBeside the bottles

She took time to go there and finish Kajal herself instead of having the Vet do it. Cats have extremely good memories.