An Economic Perspective on the Shidduch Dating Crisis

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The problem, as she tells it, is the fact that, in the shidduch world, the men have all the power, and more or less have their pick of women. This problem of imbalance in choice and therefore power between men and women is what caught my eye on this whole debate.

It is also wrong to blame the divorce rate on the ease of getting a divorce, an excuse I hear far too often. True, a bigger woman losing weight would increase her likelihood and ease of finding a husband.

Setting aside the danger of this advice on individual women, and the detrimental effect it would have on the Orthodox world as a whole, it is a terrible solution because it misses the point entirely. On the surface it seems to make no sense. Parental insight should be offered.

Men on the other hand, will only start dating immediately before they want to get married since they will expect no trouble in finding someone. From all reports, it is not. It can also make it an overwhelming time for some. The Orthodox community needs to look into ways to equalize the marriage ages of men and women. After pondering the issue for a while, I realized the solution to the puzzle, and the source of the shidduch problem.

There are others more insidious and damaging to more people. It is rather interesting to follow the development of their person hashkafic journey as they studied and grew in their understanding and appreciation of Judaism.

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Upon reading the recent article by Yitta Halberstam that has caused such backlash, I became intrigued by this odd problem, and entirely mystified by Mrs. To make it clear it is very rare that those who are actually dating contact me directly. Perhaps there is some other solution. They therefore must have an equal amount of choice. There has to be some other positive benefit to this whole venting process other than distanced socializing with others experiencing similar woes.

They keep sending us the wrong type of girl. Even if every man from that group gets married, there is still not enough of them to marry all the new women out there, so some women will be left behind. He never really had a conversation with a girl.

It is true that expectations for dating are different in the Shidduch world but the process whereby two people truly get to know one another is not. Getting divorced is anything but easy. It should not be rushed or minimized.

All this primping, prepping, defrosting, and purchasing can make dating a thrilling and anxious time. On the dating side, this is perhaps the biggest crisis. It is spring and the dating season has begun to heat up. Blaming divorce rates on society, an easy excuse, makes no sense either.

As long as there is a system in place people feel compelled to follow that scheme sometimes without giving it a second thought regardless of the consequences. For some of these parents the questions they ask are more sophisticated, targeting issues related to trust, respect, and love in a healthy relationship. In case of abuse, Report this post.

The women, on the other hand, have no power at all. They wait by the phone for their call to come. Within the last year I have been hearing from parents, more and more, who have some insight and awareness.

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But, dating takes time and that time should also be enjoyed. When I do have the opportunity to speak with them directly and ask them why their parents call for them and decide for them who they may date I often get blank stares. The yeshiva boys are coming out of the freezer while the seminary girls are shopping for Shidduch dating clothes. Barring a major discrepancy between the number of orthodox men dropping out of the dating pool and that of women for reasons other than change in marital status, e. Fostering dependency is a sure way to create a fear of handling real world issues.

An Economic Perspective on the Shidduch Dating Crisis