Sidney Crosby with his future wife and girlfriend Kathy Leutner

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Cloud State University in Minnesota

He has tried to keep almost every of his personal stuff away from the media. We get to see her visible and clear presence at the Olympics Sochi.

He also finished with a league-high points, winning the Art Ross Trophy for the second time in his career. The stunning blonde was chosen as the cover model for an edition of Sports Illustrated magazine a few years ago. Crosby was down on the ice for several minutes before the medical staff was able to help him to the dressing room with Crosby holding a towel over his face.

Individually, I was not ready to accept that responsibility quite yet. Pearson Award in addition to his previously clinched Art Ross Trophy.

Sidney Crosby's Girlfriend

Most of the time, Crosby celebrates his winnings with his girlfriend. The Virginia-born beauty looks stunning in this photo. We did not see him with his future wife Kathy Leutner often. While Ovechkin gets all the praise and fame with the Washington Capitals, Malkin has quietly had an equally, if not better, career than Ovechkin to this point.

One can say that she was always present right on important events. The name of his parents is Troy and Trina Crosby. As a team, we were playing great and you don't want to disrupt things like that. Dressed in ripped overalls and showing off her legs, Kasterova makes the duck face pose look better than most.

Considering the very physical nature of hockey, Sidney has lost several of his teeth on the hockey rink. Marriage Plans of Sidney Crosby and Kathryn It is rare to find someone who is so committed to a relationship.

Taylor Crosby, sister of Sidney hanging out with his girlfriend. Sidney began playing hockey when he was only two years old by practising by himself in the family basement, he later learned to skate when he was three years old. This lottery system led to the draft being popularly referred to as the Sidney Crosby Lottery or the Sidney Crosby Sweepstakes. Going through the playoffs and having that experience has probably given me more confidence. The Bruins swept the Penguins in four straight games, ending Crosby's bid for a second Stanley Cup championship.

Before doing so, she shares an up close selfie of herself with her thousands of followers. Wow, what a couple indeed, an icy handsome guy and a sizzling hot lady. She looks to be in peak shape, as she shows off her legs in the photo. Initially the prognosis was not severe, but it was discovered a short while later that Crosby had, in fact, broken his jaw, and would require several rounds of reconstructive dental surgery. Because I don't like them.

We wish them all the best for the future and hope to see them get married very soon. The series was heavily followed as it pitted Ovechkin of the Capitals against both Crosby and Malkin, who together finished as the league's top three scorers that season. Frostsnow Both have been very secretive about their affair until now.

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Going into their second-round series with the Rangers, Crosby looked to end a long playoff goal drought, which dated back to the Conference Finals against the Boston Bruins. Pinterest Well, it seems Sidney and his girlfriend Kathryn are not hasty to get married. Cloud State University in Minnesota. Despite a line-up laced with some of the world's finest offensive talents, Crosby struggled with putting up points, as he and the team had for much of the Johnston era. You feel like you're getting better and it can be one day and you're back to where you started.