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Love being outdoors and enjoy walking in the Lakes, Lancashire, Dales, Peak District and further afield. There are so many places I still want to see and it would be great to do so in good company. Work and family take up a lot of time, the occasional mid week walk works best.

Traditionally dating and making new friends

So it would be good to meet up with like-minded walking buddies as its always better to share the experience. Walking groups are often full of couples and families, while people you meet at friends houses or in pubs and clubs are rarely interested in walking. Just as happy to walk river banks, reservoirs etc. Weekends to Snowdonia and Cumbria are always treasured.

Love the mountains and fells

This was a distance relationship that has just worked so well over a period of four months. For the avoidence of doubt I am definitely not looking for anything other than someone to go walking with. Walking Group for Singles Dating outdoors type people can be difficult.

Love being outdoors and enjoy walking

Would like to think I am good company, good fun, easy going, enjoy a good laugh and a lively debate. It's great to camp in wild, remote locations, swim in azure lochs and pure silver rivers and gaze at the starlight explosions of crystal clear night skies. Find a group to walk with Outdoor Duo is a friendly group in which everyone is welcome. Finding that Perfect Walking Date Outdoor Duo is here for people who love walking and our focus is on enjoying the outdoors with that special person. Just fill in your details, and then search our database of singles.

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Occasionally further afield is fine too

Mountain forecast for Monday seems fine. Whether you are into gentle walking or more strenuous hillwalking and mountaineering, there are walking events to meet every taste. Rob and I had only been dating a few weeks, but we already knew that this was going to be a long-term relationship.

So we might conclude that hiking is the most strenuous way to make new friends, walking is the middle ground, and rambling is the least exhausting. It would be good perhaps to share some Wainwright bagging or explore new areas more or less anywhere in the British Isles or even beyond. Someone who is serious about walking and quite fit. You can use the advanced search to find new friends, partners or potential dates who share your level of interest in either walking, mountaineering or various other outdoor pursuits.

Hi, I'm a keen walker, now retired so have more time to get out and about. Fine with me, I've got waterproofs. Just about any type of walk interests me, I like Mountain lakes, Water falls and all the wilder places in Wales,.

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We're certain that you won't find a better group of like-minded singles. We've enjoyed tackling many of the long distance paths over the years.

It really does happen and I thought it never would. We put the three words to the test. Find a walking or hiking partner Outdoor Duo can act as a walking club for those who want to meet up in a group. You can meet either as a twosome or as part of a larger group, whatever makes you feel more comfortable.

Traditionally dating and making new friends is carried out at parties and in pubs, but these activities don't necessarily attract many ramblers and walkers keen on the outdoors. Occasionally further afield is fine too. After some planning my three Jack Russells and I moved in with him to his beautiful house in the country. Hi, I'm on the lookout for new walking companions that share my passion for hill walking. Love the mountains and fells.

After some planning