No fear Hong Kong fun guide

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If you find yourself with a spare day, just show up at the pier and leap on the next ferry to anywhere. Celebs turn up here at odd hours. Weekdays at park opening times onwards are recommended for visits.

Vijay Verghese Burnout is never far in this frantic-paced city. It's just one trick here, but a very good one and never dull, with just the right mix of showmanship and sizzle. Pick your fish and have it cooked the way you like. Ocean Park is a must-visit on any Hong Kong fun guide.

It has an outlet at The Peak as well. As the harbourfront develops, the statues and starlet memorabilia have been moved to an overbridge garden in Tsim Sha Tsui East. After a major refit, the place reopened late October featuring a new dining concept from British chef Tom Aikens. Afterwards, opt for the pleasant Lugard Road walk that encircles the Peak and take in the greenery, the butterflies, and a degree view of Hong Kong. Among the haute shops and twee Japanese oddities, find Passion by Gerard Dubois, a stylish yet laid back spot for everything from sandwiches and quiche to pasta, salad and ice-cream.

Stylish and fun despite the large, unsmiling bouncers upstairs. It is a swish presentation with mood lighting, pool, sauna, whirlpool, steam and spa suites.

Being hauled uphill in the remodelled Peak Tram is also a thrill, though queues are long on weekends and sometimes pre-twilight. Its Chinese-style administrative office is also recreated with info boards on the community that was a law unto itself.

Along this development on new-look Amoy Street there's more tipples and eats, mainly Thai and Japanese. Also southside, in Stanley get a table with a view at Paisano's at the end of the boardwalk, or try Szechuan fare or Italian at Stanley Plaza. It is wise to allow time for a second fitting.

Adorned with party lights, the special open-topped double-decker rumbles through the city most evenings packed with revellers. We found the experience fun but not compelling. The Wanchai outlet is our pick.

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Most of the restaurants on this podium level have an alfresco section when the weather is obliging. Think excellent mezze and kebabs in stylish surrounds with all the home-cooked flavours of the Levant. Try the fried string beans with mincemeat, the dumplings and large fried chilli prawns. Vijay Verghese Hong Kong has a well-earned reputation for boorishness but it is certainly family-friendly. One of the best spots in Hong Kong.

Vijay Verghese Hong Kong used to have a reputation as being a place to get great tailor-made togs. More on where to stay in our Hong Kong business hotels review that includes family options.

Witness the happy family hordes with all generations from tiny tots to grandparents at weekend yum-cha. Let's all speak English like a native, because it matters. Sit up top, at the front if you can, for the best view. Hong Kong hotel spas guarantee a memorable experience. Star Street, on the fringe of Wanchai and Admiralty, has a handful of smart bars and restaurants.

Vijay Verghese For an introduction to the real Hong Kong there really is no better way than to trundle the length of the tram line, which runs along the northern edge of Hong Kong Island. Bring your own wine, food, friends and make it a painting party. When the temperature hits the thirties Celsius at the height of summer, air-conditioned diversions beckon. Atmosphere is helped at the bar with a slightly green view, alongside good tapas, wine and cocktails. The portraits are latter day renaissance in style with a cracked porcelain finish that adds an interesting touch to the mixed media on canvas works.

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