Upgrading Slackware to a New Release

Slackware updating packages

They are then responsible for providing updates to the SlackBuild, either to fix issues or to build newer versions provided by upstream. Also, the mesa and xorg-server packages of Slackware overwrite essential files of these closed-source accelerated graphics drivers anyway. If you let mkinitrd create a unique name for your initial ramdisk, then be sure to apply that name in the above section. However, several community package sources and Slackware based distributions take advantage of this functionality. Pay attention to changed configuration files.

SlackGrade - The Slackware Update Wizard

External Links slackpkg Slackpkg is an automated tool to manage local packages and to install new package over a network. Slackpkg allows you to view the differences between old and new files and even, to merge the two files. You are advised to upgrade to the new versions of configuration files where possible, because they will often bring improvements to your software configuration.

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This version will eventually become the next stable release, at which point Volkerding will start a new -current to start developing for the next release of Slackware. It will make a manual upgrade process painful and will not guarantee success.

It is recommended, though not required, that you use the mirrors. As things are built for the upcoming release, they'll be uploaded into the -current tree. There is also a semi-automated procedure for this type of upgrade, using slackpkg. Packages contain all the files for that program, as well as additional metadata files used by the package manager. Multilib considerations If you are upgrading a multilib bit Slackware computer, there are additional considerations to make.

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Now that we have the new kernel s plus modules in place, we can start upgrading the rest of the packages. The second command slackpkg upgrade-all will compare every official Slackware package which you currently have installed, with the package list on your Slackware mirror.

It will take away a lot of the hard labour from you. Swaret is a package management tool featuring dependency resolution.