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Smart casual attire male philippines dating, history of the Cocktail Dress Code

As far as the essentials are concerned, a trusty pocket square or boutonniere flower delivers the perfect touch of subtle style. Similarly, the closest you should get to sandals is a pair of clean, tasteful moccasins, espadrilles or similar.

And while a nice leather belt is more or less mandatory, everything else is up to you. After all, you want your blazer to be a piece of the whole, not the whole unto itself.

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As a result, the cocktail dress code for men is elegant and semi-formal in spirit, but not without an edge of personal expression. That means you can theoretically ditch the tie, or throw on a tailored blazer instead of the two-piece suit. For that reason, you should stick with neutral colours. In that regard, you can go with trousers, jeans or chinos and not lose your stylish stride.

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You might even consider getting those chinos tailored. The point is, material and cleanliness matter, as does an orderly look that blends with the remainder of the outfit. In general, you want accessories that accentuate your personal style without veering too far in the direction or either formal wear or street style. Accordingly, you should pair the blazer with a nice pair of chinos or jeans.

In other words, a nice watch, ring, bracelet, pair of killer shades, sharp hat or even pocket square can be the perfect closer on your smart casual get up. You might also layer a collared shirt under a wool sweater, though make sure both are really sharp to avoid steering too close to the casual arena. Instead, cocktail attire is what you wear to weddings, formal sporting events and adult celebrations.

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Shades of Blue for Smart Casual Menswear

As for the bow tie, there might a few bold men out there who make one part of their cocktail attire regiment, but we suggest saving it for a black-tie event. What is Cocktail Attire for Men? Since all social activities required an element of formality for men back in the day, male cocktail party attire was introduced.

At the very least, make sure the hem line stops just above your shoes. Instead, opt for a sophisticated print, classic pattern, or monochromatic colour scheme.

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What we can do is provide a more intensive breakdown of smart casual norms so that you stay within a given framework. And while a slim fit or tailored fit seems like a smart casual no-brainer, you actually have some room to play depending on material, dating est permitted you tuck a longer shirt in to your waistline. What is Smart Casual Attire for Men?

In other words, be sure to get your groom on before the big event. Patterns on the socks are acceptable, permitted they still blend elegantly with your jacket and trousers. To avoid limp shirt collars, opt for materials like cotton with fabric weaves.

Again, you want to make sure your pants match the rest of your outfit. Naturally, you should avoid bright colours and loud patterns. In other words, feel free to add the personal touch, but avoid loud colours, patterns and details. Should you choose the latter, you want to avoid overly athletic sneakers. Instead, rock a clean pair of minimal sneakers.

Instead, opt for a nice suit or blazer ensemble. Yes, you can rock a nice t-shirt underneath your blazer or jacket, but bear in mind that the t-shirt should still operate as a piece to the broader, stylish whole.

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