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Sociopaths and internet dating

They so often find an audience, which is exactly what they want, it boosts their bravado. Not every abused person is trying to change an abuser or goes back because they love them. People do not allow bullies to attack or hurt them. Respond to others or even respond to me. Utterly pathetic on your part.

Some of my readers use religious codes to guide their actions. That is when I found out about the groin kick charge.

What most of them really want is their abuser to change and be a better person. No, no one allows anything. At least this is the view of a diagnosed sociopath who is trying to live in the civilized world.

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If people act as fools, they should be treated as such. On the other hand, they end up thinking it means something much more than it does to me and get hurt by my lack of genuine emotional response. My cousin was a battered wife. First you should find out the details about a person's situation then try to figure out assumptions or other things.

Some people can't leave, or have tried. Jane has remarried, and is with a great guy who loves her dearly.

Some women are caught in the

This being the case, you can make healthy choices for yourself. Jane missed her own sister's wedding because George had beaten her so she couldn't come.

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My last memory of my beautiful home was the police dragging me past the living room with the two of them standing sympathetically by watching me be hulled out. It would be impossible for us to make a fully informed, reasoned decision every time such a decision was necessary. It is all so cruel, and all deliberate. Some women are caught in the cycle of being abused, leaving the abuser, then going back because she loves him.

If you ask her about her time with George, she will tell you straight out that she was, in some measure, responsible. Says he never wanted a divorce No, he just wanted me to commit suicide, which I tried. In a situation where a person is being conditioned and brainwashed beyond their control, and a person is using specific techniques to further abuse them, depending on the situation. With other sociopaths, I believe there is fear of rejection, inability to respond emotionally and the ever-present wall so many of us have built.

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That's how the cycle of abuse is successful. All they do is yell louder about how abused they are. People need to stop and think before making erroneous and stupid statements that make absolutely no sense.

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