Speed dating london june 2019

Speed dating london june 2019

The Lock and Key Icebreaker Nothing breaks the ice like it. He brings a warm, charismatic and friendly energy to our events. It's the easiest way to meet someone new in London. His experience shows and over the years he's developed the ability to time a four minute date without using a stopwatch. Get in touch with anyone you matched with via the built in messenger.

Try your key with as many locks as possible or vice versa and you're bound to find a match. The more people you meet the more chance you have of winning a prize and of course meeting someone you like too. More about our parties Our parties are probably London's biggest dating events. When all the guests have arrived the host will explain how the evening will unfold and you will be provided with a scorecard, name badge and pen. Don't miss out, book your tickets today.

Mia works hard to ensure our guest get the most from our nights. We give girls the padlocks and guys get the keys and the aim is to find a matching pair. If you're looking for the best and most fun way to meet someone new then you really should be at this party.

It works amazingly well as an icebreaker and you'll be amazed how many people you meet. At the end of each date guests mark on their scorecard whether they would like to see that person again.

The party doesn't end here, but by then the ice will be well and truly broken. Mia is our host with the most and you'll usually find her at our larger parties. On arrival at the venue you will be welcomed by one of our friendly hosts. Meet your host Mia Bubbly, vivacious, warm, and charming are all words that describe Mia to a tee. No other company has this and it sets our events apart.

The Lock and Key Icebreaker NothingHe brings a warm charismatic and

You also get a new lock or key so you can carry on meeting people. Stuart Hailing from bonnie Scotland, Stuart is not just our lead host but also our marketing man here at Original Dating towers. Suggest a modification Practical info. And he will walk more to make your dating event the best ever.

It's the easiest way

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