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Rocky bluffs around the village of Plakia were actually the shoreline zone in prehistoric times. He called the authorities right away. The cliffs and caves above the shore were uplifted in the ancient past by tectonic forces. One hundred and thirty thousand years ago, modern humans shared the world with other hominids, like Neanderthals and Homo heidelbergensis. However, experts on early nautical history have said that the ancient mariners would have required something much studier to make the distance between North Africa and Crete.

Considering Crete has been an island for five million years, the tools could have only arrived in that location if ancient humans or pre-human species travelled there by boat. It was then that the academic community became incredibly excited.

Their research is forcing scholars to rethink the maritime capabilities of early human and pre-human cultures. The pond that Steve stumbled upon.

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Most had their legs tucked up, as in the fetal position, however three were lying straight. Vanderjagt was confused by the large number of rocks in the pond as that area of Florida was not known to be particularly rocky. Getting out of his backhoe, Vanderjagt went to investigate and almost immediately realized that he had unearthed a huge pile of bones. Her worship is generally permitted but not encouraged, with most surviving temples concentrated around Putian in Fujian. Once the striking dates were revealed, the State of Florida providing a grant for the excavation.

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It has long been believed that early humans, and certainly pre-human species, were incapable of creating boats or navigating across open water.

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But then the bones were radiocarbon dated. For decades, the standard hypothesis has been that Acheulean toolmakers reached Europe and Asia via the Middle East, passing mainly through what is now Turkey into the Balkans. Stone tools found on Crete are evidence of early sea voyages. Nearly half of the skulls contained brain matter.

This is where the team began excavations. The Mazu temple in Melbourne is the largest Chinese temple in Australia. They were guessing the bones were years old.