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Bundesverband Musikindustrie. Kala tells him that even though they look different, underneath the skin, they are just the same, reigniting Tarzan's desire to become the best ape ever. As Tarzan shows the humans his gorilla family, Kerchak arrives anyway, scattering the humans and demanding that Tarzan choose who he is.

Works by David Henry Hwang. Archived copy as title link nsmt. Kerchak arrives and scares the gorillas off.

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As the rest of the gorillas arrive to say goodbye to Tarzan, they are suddenly attacked by Clayton, who is more than determined to kill the gorillas once and for all. Tarzan approaches Jane and Porter, announcing his intention to leave the jungle and be with Jane. Tarzan arrives to say goodbye to them, until Jane realizes that she loves Tarzan and, with Porter's blessing, bass test software decides to stay with him in the jungle.

While exploring, she is attacked by a giant spider but is rescued by Tarzan. Enter Tarzan in the field Titel. Phil Collins was present at the opening night. She tries to tell her father to stop Clayton's plans of killing the gorillas, but Clayton, wanting to achieve his goal, tricks Tarzan into taking the humans to the gorilla nesting grounds.

Jane returns to the site with Tarzan, and she is thrilled by the tribe of gorillas. Lord of the Jungle Jungle Lord. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Sons of the Jungle Tarzan on the Planet of the Apes. Kala worries for him and goes off to find him.

Recording Industry Association of America. The major character of Tantor the elephant is cut from the musical. They construct a tree house for their son before being killed by a leopard named Sabor. Disney Theatrical Productions.

Disney s Tarzan Song Lyrics

Tarzan Poster for the original Broadway run. With over three million visitors, the musical became the second most successful musical for Stage Entertainment in Hamburg. The theatre was the first equity theatre to produce the musical after the Broadway production. Tarzan is a musical based on the Walt Disney Animation Studios film of the same name.

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Kala goes off to find her son but finds the human boy instead and names him Tarzan. Tarzan soon visits the humans and becomes properly acquainted with them, especially Jane, though Clayton becomes jealous of their love. Nicholas Rodriguez starred in the title role with Kate Rockwell as Jane. At the beach, Jane and Porter are about to leave on their ship to return to England. Jane tries to convince her father, Professor Porter, and their guide, Clayton that she discovered a wild man and a tribe of apes.

Jane's entourage plans to kill the gorillas, and Tarzan's loyalties are tested. Poster for the original Broadway run. Tarzan was the first Disney soundtrack to be recorded in multiple languages for different markets, with Collins recording English, Italian, German, Spanish, and French versions of the soundtrack. Tarzan by Walt Disney Animation Studios.

Select album in the field Format. Pop pop rock musical theatre.

Enter Phil Collins in the field Interpret. Subsequently, the show has been staged in several other countries and by regional theatres.

Tarzan songs

Tarzan by Edgar Rice Burroughs. Kreegah bundolo Tarzan yell. The soundtrack itself was labeled limited edition, including a holographic cover and an individual collector's number. He shoots Kerchak when he takes a bullet meant for Tarzan, fatally wounding the gorilla leader. Edgar Rice Burroughs, Inc.

She makes me feel so alive'. The album was a major comeback for Phil Collins, and put him back in the public eye. Suddenly, gunshots are heard throughout the jungle, causing the tribe to scatter, but Tarzan investigates.