Priyanka Chopra Invests in Tech Startups Including A Dating App of Tinder Co-founder Whitney Wolfe

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Network effects friends of friends are very powerful. Bumble will be launched in India by Priyanka herself in coming months. Make sure that you know you can work with them when things are great and also work with them when you fuck up big time.

My relationship with her is now the most important one in my life right now and our attention to communicating is what has propelled our product development and our team's growth. My advise is to know exactly what you are looking for and then recruit for that dream candidate.

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As I hadn't been particularly happy with my engineering team prior- i decided to start fresh with the perfect technical cofounder to build our product. My takeaway is that these are not magic bullets. But, really, get to know someone first. Wolfe Herd had left Tinder in largely due to growing tensions with other company executives. But nothing came about from it.

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Now that she is my technical cofounder, so many amazing things have happened. During that time, a few emails were exchanged with a few prospects and a couple Skype chats were made too. She met with all of my advisors and poured through our research. You need a combination of wanting the same thing to build a successful company and being able to tolerate each other for the next few years, both through good and bad.

Some founders I know met this way. We had discussions about communications, got into our first tiff and had multiple discussions about timeline and career goals before sealing the deal. It's tough to just meet someone on a whim and dive into something like starting a company. To clarify, I am a tech founder.

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But, like real dating, you probably don't want to just jump in and commit to starting a company with someone just because they are available. We share many passions like art, music and most importantly, helping women with their careers. Tinder, for comparison, offers its app in four languages in India. Do a side project or two with them. We spent two months working together, getting to know each other and really thinking through the product.

She really loved my idea and more importantly, saw the opportunity for herself to build a really cool product from scratch. But you should expect that finding your co-founder will take months.

Once I had a good idea of what I was looking for- I went through every single software engineer connection on linkedin to see if anyone might be a match. Soon afterward I serendipitously found another startup doing something similar to what I was trying. They are inevitably full of people already working on something thus not available to team up and some consultants looking for clients. She said during the meeting that she was actually interested and wanted to meet the rest of the team.

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Soon afterward I serendipitously found

They are one of many available channels in a co-founder search. We work well together because we spent time communicating what we would both need to make this work for us.

They are inevitably full of people

Hell, just try to become good friends. You need to keep talking to people and you'll find developers, business partners, mentors, etc. The other investment of Priyanka is Bumble, a dating and social media app, which was founded by Whitney Wolfe Herd, who is a co-founder of popular dating app Tinder.