Rodney Alcala – The Dating Game Serial Killer

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Alcala was soon arrested and sent back to California. Four years later, after a nervous breakdown, he was discharged on medical grounds. Ellen Hover, who was murdered by Rodney Alcala in the s.

Killing Spree The known serial killings started in the July of when the lifeless body of Ellen Hover was discovered in her New York apartment. He was released again after serving two years. The Trial and Surprise Witness Alcala had three trials and numerous appeals.

At the final trial, Alcala decided to act as his own attorney, just like Ted Bundy and many other narcissistic psychopaths. For some, even hearing his name sends chills down the spine. Many of the poses were pornographic, and some investigators believe that Alcala killed some of the subjects.

For five long hours, Alcala played the roles of both interrogator and witness. Rodney Alcala in high spirits during a court appearance.

He was convicted and sentenced to death. Flight Attendant Cornelia Crilley.

When the authorities arrived at the scene and knocked on the door, Alcala had already escaped through the back door. Four years later, he suffered a nervous breakdown.

Alcala was back onLuckily the pair never went

Rodney Alcala - The Dating Game Serial Killer

Again, a pair of earrings belonging to a victim were found in the locker rented by Alcala. He enjoyed torturing his victims by strangling them until they lost consciousness, then waiting until they were revived, often repeating the process several times before eventually killing them.

Known victims of

Alcala was back on the streets in less than three years. Luckily, the pair never went on a date. Known victims of Rodney Alcala.