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Every once in a while we come across a jailbreak tweak or theme that just blows our minds away. They will change the look and feel of your iPhone that you won't believe it is actually an iPhone running iPhone Software.

More info about iSkin There are some things you need to know about using iSkin. Scroll down alphabetically to the letter T, and you will find a huge library of themes divided and categorized by function. Hence, go through the rest of the article. For some, this may be an annoying thing to have to get used to. Winterboard allows you to enable and disable those individual components within a theme.

So, first of all extract the. Zip files to the desktop and then transfer the theme which you have downloaded in the iPhone. Get a free trial now or learn more. CandyMilk Theme for iPhone Good clean colors with a vibrant feel to it and a very soft look.

Well we have tons of themes to keep your iPhone look sexier than ever before! So, if you are also one of them who is crazy to install custom iPhone themes, then you come to a right place.

It is true that the original iPhone interface is too boring, which comes in a plain background with default icons. Slideshow Maker Stock Video. Please go there after download and install them as a Lock Screen or Home Screen. Now the question may arise that how to transfer it? And they're not even pretty, some of them.

In addition to app icons for your Home screen, some theme packs include wallpapers to go with them. Also, DreamBoard themes can only be displayed using DreamBoard app. And if the theme crashes for any reason, you have to disable it or uninstall it. Disclaimer This website is not owned by, is not licensed by nor is a subsidiary of Apple Inc.

IPhone Themes

Redmond Pie

This is why Winterboard themes have a great level of control over your iPhone customization. This a the grate things thank you for you post.

It will not change any text entered by users. These shortcuts can be used to launch the respective app or web clip link with a simple tap on the corresponding shortcut.

IPhone Themes

There is a huge library of themes in Cydia for the iPhone. This is my favorite theme and one you will most likely see in most of my tweak videos. Simply select the theme you want and then tap the Install or Purchase button. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. DreamBoard is very simple, visual, and more organized.

Simply turn on your iPhone and launch the winter board. For some apps, like the Calculator app, a web interface is launched instead of the Calculator app, which is kind of odd and undesirable. All these themes can be downloaded from Cydia on your jailbroken iPhone or iPod Touch except for those whose download links are given above. All iPhone icons are placed around the center in circular unique way.

Please also check out our other apps! Both images will be downloaded to your photo gallery. Winter board is a program that allows you to activate and deactivate themes components for Winterboard. It is a quite simple process.

IPhone and iPod Touch Themes

It is important that you look for themes for your specific device otherwise they might give you strange results. They can change how your iPhone looks and feels. It is more organized than before, and is so easy to search.

You can't change your iPhone theme unless you jailbreak your iPhone. Great Wallpapers Non-Stop.

The order process, tax issue and invoicing to end user is conducted by Wonbo Technology Co. Thus, in this way, you can make your iPhone much more interesting than others and can share with your friends too. Then copy the folder of themes and paste to the other one. Themes on the iPhone require jailbreaking or gaining full access to the iPhone file system in order to install from Cydia. So you can mix and match different themes if you want.

You can see your best iPhone themes, so activate any one of them, it will restart automatically and finally you see that your old theme gets changed with the new and interesting one. For example, you can enable the lock screen of one theme, the sound of another theme, and the home screen icons of a third theme. This is a very colorful theme that still has a flat look but still gives the icons some depth. Cydia is a third party App Store that specializes in tools, tweaks, mortal kombat online game iPhone themes and iPhone hacks for jailbroken iPhones.

You will have to experiment with them to find where the apps are hidden, and how to access them. You might have to look for the DreamBoard icon specially if the theme has a strange interface. Moreover, you can't preview how your iPhone would look after the theme is applied.

Installing themes on your iPhone without a jailbreak