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The suspension is improved, too, although it still jars through potholes especially on the Electra Glide and doesn't cope well with harsh surfaces. Six-speed gearbox, inverted tooth belt final drive. Engine, looks, comfort, versatility. It was unsettling until you acclimatised, and no doubt deterred riders who were trying out Glides or Road Kings for the first time. The new engine mounts have reduced the shaking at idle, a bygone trait of Harley tourers, because regular customers apparently asked for it.

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Modern Harley tourers have Brembo brakes, which are a big advance over the previous stoppers, although riders used to sportier bikes will still find they lack power and feel. This has changed dramatically and, although you'd never call the bikes precise or tactile in fast cornering, their stability is far better and much more reassuring than before. So, do these bikes stand up as viable tourers in Europe? You might still hate these bikes after trying them, nexos disyuntivas yahoo dating but at least you'll be talking from experience. Take a bend at high speed on an old model and you'd lose all sense of contact between front tyre and asphalt while the bike squirmed and wriggled gently.

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But in the context of these machines they're fine, and are backed up as standard by a rather obtrusive anti-lock system. The big difference can be felt in the way the bikes handle, specifically at high speed. Even so, the bikes still look spectacular.

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On all models, turbulence from the top of the screen is an issue, creating noise and tugging relentlessly at your head. The Glides have various screen adjustment options that are worth trying, because there is a narrow smooth zone acceptable for riders of an appropriate height.

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But this does mean fewer vibes get through to the rider at higher revs and you still feel the pulses of torque when the throttle's opened. Turbulence from screen, variable finish and detailing. You need to treat and ride them differently, but if you can dial into the Harley way, there is nothing more relaxing or rewarding.

The answer is a resounding yes, even if they're not perfect. It's not a fast machine but it's communicative and easy, bringing immense character to mile consumption.

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Touring Bike Guide

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